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Foreign ministry about diaoyu islands: we'll see if will eventually mi

Vice foreign minister ZhangZhiJun diaoyu island is a Chinese and foreign media briefing quiz memoir

cheap north face jackets On October 26, 2012, vice foreign minister ZhangZhiJun diaoyu island is a Chinese and foreign media briefing. Quiz memoir as follows:

ZhangZhiJun: a recent period of time, all media friends are focusing on diaoyu islands problem, also have a lot of media interview I put forward, I am very happy to have the opportunity to reporter friends diaoyu islands problems in communication.

First of all, I would like to briefly introduce the diaoyu island question. This paper briefly said, diaoyu islands originally is not a problem, but also what does not exist, the dispute over sovereignty is due to 1895 Japanese theft and commandeer diaoyu islands, there came the question, and formed a dispute. Whether from history, such as legal perspective, the diaoyu islands is the immanent territory of China. Historically, Chinese first discovered the diaoyu islands and name, from the Ming dynasty to the recent five hundred years China has been on the exercise of sovereignty over the diaoyu island. From legal point of view, the Cairo declaration "and" of the Potsdam proclamation and other international legal documents to make clear a regulation, such as diaoyu island island with Taiwan will return to China should be together, because in the Cairo declaration "and" of the Potsdam proclamation of have specific provision, Japan must have steal in Chinese territory returned to China, so from legal Angle said diaoyu islands have return to China. In 1971 the United States but will be illegal custody of the diaoyu islands of so-called "ShiZhengQuan" giving private phase to Japan, the Chinese government issued stern statement pointed out that this "illegal", "it doesn't change the People's Republic of China, such as diaoyu island island territorial sovereignty."

Burberry Outlet In 1972, the sino-japanese rapprochement, both sides will be "the diaoyu island question put a put, subsequently to solve" come to an understanding and consensus. The Japanese government regardless of the Chinese side firmly opposed, announced the "buy" diaoyu islands, a serious violation of China's territorial sovereignty, give a sino-japanese relations has brought the normalization of diplomatic relations in 40 years of the most serious impact, the international community to extensive concern.

Q: how to treat the Japanese government "purchase island"? The Chinese side to the Japanese government "purchase island" reaction is ultra?

Answer: just now I have more than from the perspective of China's sovereignty over diaoyu island were illustrated. Japan had no right to take Chinese territory to any form of business, www.burberryoutletwholesale.com/ the diaoyu island's drop, every tree and bush are not trading, no matter what form the "purchase island", is a serious violation of China's sovereignty.

The "purchase island" farce is Japan right wing forces deliberately provoke, the Japanese government to the forces invaded Chinese territorial sovereignty, sabotage sino-japanese relations way not only do not put a stop to it, but personally to "purchase island". Right-wing want to do, want to achieve, and finally by the Japanese government's realized. Japan said the Japanese government "purchase island" than the right "purchase island" good, let China in which to make a choice, like let China in two agent poison choice of agent, the Chinese side never accept this kind of ridiculous logic, never accept any damage China's sovereignty and territorial options. China's only option is to take resolute measures to defend their territory sovereignty.

North Face Outlet For Japanese illegal "purchase island" plan, the Chinese from the beginning would mean that the firmly opposed position. In APEC leaders' informal meeting period, President hu jintao and prime minister YeTian talking points out that serious, recently because of the diaoyu island question sino-japanese relations is faced with severe situation, the Chinese side in the diaoyu islands on the question of the position is consistent and clear. Japanese take any way "purchase island" is illegal, invalid, China firmly opposed. The Chinese government in maintaining territorial sovereignty issues stand firmly, Japan must fully understand the seriousness of the situation, don't make any mistake. Japan should know these words of the component.

I have been to Japan's foreign ministry warned of the person in charge, it is pointed out that if the determined "purchase island", the Chinese people will be provoked to burst out as volcanoes. I was particularly pointed out many times, Japanese "purchase island" on sino-japanese relations of damage will be no less than "bomb". So when Japan put forward "purchase island" program, even if in Japan, there are also many politicians and people of insight to see the of the seriousness of this problem. I remember in June this year the Japanese ambassador Dan feather in Britain to accept an interview with the financial times said, "purchase island" will bring the great crisis sino-japanese relations. I have no doubt, Dan feather as Japan's ambassador, is Japan national interests represent faithfully, but I think he just said 1 the truth, but the results by the Japanese domestic various accused.

Then the situation how to development, as we all know. The Japanese government to China's warning is ignored, self-assertion, made infringe upon China's sovereignty and territorial serious upgrade steps, aroused the Chinese four and more than Chinese people at home and abroad of outrage. The Chinese government firmly take a series of effective counter measures to safeguard national sovereignty, this is fully justified, is any a responsible government must do.www.cheapnorthfacejacketswholesale.com/  The Japanese domestic someone said, the Chinese response is "radical", if the Chinese take measures beyond the Japanese expected, it only shows that Japan had misjudged the situation, underestimate the Chinese government and people to safeguard national sovereignty and will and determination.

Q: recently you and Japan's foreign ministry consultation between what is the content? Atmosphere? Have made any progress? Chinese requirements Japanese return to dialogue track, this is the Chinese side hopes to make efforts?

Answer: between Japan and China have been through various channels and form the diaoyu island question keep contact and consultation. Both sides already on September 25, in Beijing start two countries deputy foreign minister diaoyu islands problem consultation. The Chinese side is I am responsible for, Japan is executive vice foreign minister river phase ZhouFu responsible for. Has two countries foreign ministry Asia priests in Tokyo is diaoyu islandtaiwan exchange of views, the purpose is for the two countries to prepare a new round of consultation deputy foreign minister. The news foreign ministry have been issued. The Chinese and Japanese in the all levels contact consultations, are serious, comprehensively expounds the Chinese government in the diaoyu islands on the question of the serious position and maintain national territorial sovereignty self-determination, urging Japan to admit a mistake, and make a fresh start, www.burberryscarfsalestore.com/ to cope with the problem to make real efforts.

Involves the two foreign ministries consultations and contact need both sides agreed. I think, the importance of consultation is not when, where and in what way to conduct the, but in Japan it must deal with this situation, give up fantasy, to face up to reality, and take practical action to correct mistakes, that is the only way conducive to relations between the two countries to return to the normal development track.

Q: China why not accept Japan government's "purchase island" moves?

Burberry sale A: I know you ask mean, is why Japan said, by the government to "purchase island" on the impact of relations between the two countries than primary "purchase island" by the impact is small, but China does not accept? I'll give you a, for example, if you have a pair of children, the robber snatched at your children ask you are you give up your son or give up your daughter? We all know that, no matter son or daughter is the motherland mother, do not give up in the flesh and blood. China has a word, I want to foreign also have the same expression, is between two evils its light. I think Japan is a such abacus, from the point of view to the choice of two evils choose to China. But Japanese instructions, the territorial sovereignty damage regardless of size, the Chinese side will not accept, will firmly opposed. So in this issue, can say that Japan is authority is all very clever, but we want to see will eventually missed the who lives.

Q: Japan does not recognize the problems surrounding diaoyu island consensus, the Chinese side to how look upon?

Answer: in 1972 years, the normalization of diplomatic relations in 1978 and concluded the treaty of peace and friendship between the two countries in negotiations, the two countries's older generation of leaders are realized, the two sides in the diaoyu islands issues controversial, great differences position, so that I was to avoid diaoyu islands problems affected the two countries for a rapprochement and contracting the overall situation, the two sides decided to temporarily does not involve this problem, "the diaoyu island question put a put, subsequently to solve" come to an understanding and agreement for sino-japanese relations of reconstruction and development have created favorable conditions. These historical facts, are on the books of. Recently a lot of Japanese in those days the parties also proved this point. The two countries from nearly 40 years of development situation, the above the understanding and agreement for the great development of relations between the two countries play an important role.

In recent years, Japanese in the diaoyu island question its position on serious back, and constantly to diaoyu islands unilateral tort action, start something, such as "naming", www.thenorthfaceoutletwholesale.org/ "survey", "fishing", "an island" and so on, and finally by the government to "purchase island", in order to strengthen the so-called Japanese "actual control". Japanese illegal "purchase island" completely abandoned the two sides reach a consensus, make the diaoyu islands fundamental changes have taken place in the situation. Japan must recognize this.

Q: if the Japanese would not leg lifts leave, nor to give up its claims, Chinese and Japanese consultation target is what? Japan should take what kind of action to make cool the situation?

A: I just have a special mention for, Japanese illegal "purchase island", completely abandoned the older generation leaders diaoyu islandtaiwan reach understanding and consensus, diaoyu islands of fundamental changes have taken place in the situation. Both sides now consultation and dialogue, from the Chinese side, it will continue to show that our diaoyu islands problem serious position and serious attitude, that Chinese in the maintenance of national territorial sovereignty problem determination. Japan in the diaoyu islands issues have to admit mistakes, own wrong behavior made profound introspection, and take practical action to correct errors. Don't have any commandeer diaoyu islands fantasy. Only in this way, can make relations between the two countries to return to the normal track.

Q: China is ready to sino-japanese military conflict ready? Please introduce the preparation and may take the diplomatic position.

A: China is a peace-loving nation, aggression and expansion is not China's policies, nor China's cultural tradition. For international dispute, the Chinese side has always been a peaceful solution to the negotiations through dialogue. China will not go to active ask for something, but also is not afraid of things. China is willing with all countries including Japan, friendly, but we also have a principle, the bottom line, also is in the case of country's sovereignty and territorial issues, we will never concede. The five principles of peaceful coexistence is the first "mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity".

Discount Oakley Sunglasses In the diaoyu islands, we hope that through negotiation dialogue is properly solve problems involved. We do not wish to see the situation is out of control, but it does not depend on the Chinese side.

Q: the Chinese government think diaoyu islands problem is China's core interests? In the past China advocates "shelve controversial", now on the diaoyu islands of the specific policy measures, what change?

A: China's state council information office last September published "China's peaceful development" white paper, China's core interests make clear definition, China's core interests include: state sovereignty and national security and territorial integrity, national unity, China's constitution establishment of the national government system and social stability and sustainable economic and social development of the basic guarantee.

In the diaoyu island question, I want to emphasize, diaoyu island and its subsidiary island since ancient times is the immanent territory of China. The Chinese government and people to safeguard national sovereignty and decision and will is unshakable. To this, do not doubt, not even to try. The Chinese side in the diaoyu islands on the question of the position is consistent, is clear, is also China has indisputable sovereignty over diaoyu island. Diaoyu islands is caused, because in Japan in 1895 to steal from China, and still in the diaoyu islands

Q: there has been a recent news says, the japan-american will in the relevant waters military exercise, how do you have?

Answer: the Chinese pay close attention to Japan in the diaoyu islands waters adopt what kind of action. The next step China will according to situation, decided to take what kind of measures. If Japan self-assertion, wrong and wrong, continue the diaoyu islands issue mischievous, challenge China, the Chinese side will take strong measures to resolutely. In this respect China does not lack of response. It should be pointed out that, today's Asia has not 117 years ago Asia, today's China more than 1895 years of China, not 1931 years "the 918 incident" in 1937 and "on incident" of China. The Chinese government to safeguard state sovereignty and determination and will unswervingly, we have the confidence and ability to protect China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and any foreign threats and pressure all don't shake of the Chinese government and the will of the people.

Ask: "purchase island" problem of Mr Ishihara Tokyo announced his decision to resign as aid, the establishment of new party, you think this is processing the diaoyu island question what impact? From the primary start "purchase island" issue, reflects the Japanese politics to what kind of?

Answer: the Japanese right-wing forces start "purchase island" farce, the Japanese government not only not stopped, but deliberately cater to use, its background is the Japanese domestic intensified political YouQingHua. In Japan, in recent years, denied the nanjing massacre, deny impress "comfort women" and deny "CunShan talk" [1] and "kono talk" [2] and preach leaders visit to the yasukuni war shrine, arms expansion and war preparation, the abolition of peace constitution of speech emerge in endlessly. Face this kind of dangerous political tendency, the Japanese government is what attitude? Is to stop or cater to? Not only China, Asia and international society are in close attention. Because this kind of dangerous political inclination in history ever to Asia into huge disaster. If not to stop, but out of domestic political needs, use, cater to and indulgence, will further embolden its arrogance, making the Japanese in the dangerous road more walk more far. Such development bottom go to, the historical tragedy to happen again not impossible, it will not only the Asian and even the world into disaster, finally will also Japan's bane.

Burberry Scarf Recent Japanese leaders visited Germany, prompted me to the dangerous tendency profound reason has done something to think about. We can put Japan and Germany to the attitude of the war crimes a comparison. The German fascist launched the invasion war, the European into serious disaster, war between Germany and other countries of the reconciliation process was also very difficult. But in Germany during the war German fascists committed crimes is constantly in the deepening introspection, do a lot of things, of which there is one thing that I think is important. In 1970, German chancellor Brandt visit Poland period, in Warsaw jews martyrdom kneel before monument, the German fascist to Poland and other European countries people caused suffering said confession. I think this is sincere and deep confession. He got down on his knees, but the German nation which stood up, and get the European victimized country many people forgiveness, but also with other countries for Germany paved the way of settlement. Germany before some year even the holocaust memorial built in the center of the capital Berlin, reminding people don't forget that the history of suffering. Today in European countries such as Germany publicize the fascist words and deeds and mark is not be allowed, were unanimous in condemning, even will be punished by the law.

cheap oakley sunglasses In turn to see Japan, so far to the Japanese domestic it launched the war of aggression the understanding of the nature is always secretive, some politicians still hold one's head high, no guilt and shame feeling into 14 hands with the blood of the people of Asia class a criminal additional visits to the yasukuni shrine for, without scruple Asian victimized country people's feelings. The Japanese do, how can obtain Asian people's forgiveness, neighboring to Japanese how can you trust? If Japan cannot face history, profound introspection, thoroughly rectify one's errors, even if again on economy developed in moral and spiritual never stand up.

Recently, I read the Japanese kyodo news agency former senior reporter pine tail WenFu last year in the Japanese public opinion "on the issue of an article published, the topic is" Japan repayment history old debt have the future ". He wrote, in the 2011 years of Japan, Russia, China, the Korean peninsula, and even to the diplomacy, and they presented a kind of unstable state. Today's Japan and between neighboring countries all kinds of foreign topic, because of Japan's not to the second world war to make wise will lose oneself in economic powers of reality. Not only is China and Russia, South Korea and north Korea - both in the recovery of Japan's history in debt. Despite the past 60 years, but for Japan did not complete the liquidation of this period of history, people are unable to forget. To this, Japan must have a clear understanding. Now to the old debt repayment time, must from this Angle, in the cool reflect their own basis, seek to improve the breach of the diplomatic relations.

I don't know the reporter, but I think he's views are very reasonable. The so-called old debt repayment history, of which at least to do is to the Japanese aggression and expansion in the war of the theft of other countries territorial returned to the original owner, don't old debt outstanding and add new debt. Now Japan to should really think deeply about their time doing.North Face Outlet Online

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