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Callaway RAZR X Iron Is The Top Star In This Season

The new RAZR X irons is Callaway's new flagship.  Introduced for the 2011' season, the leader in technology vowed to provide an iron to the masses that would deliver in distance and forgiveness with a wide-sole, with retaining playability and turf interaction of a thin-sole.  Team Callaway made this monumental task look easy.Callaway RAZR X Irons feature a lower, deeper center of gravity and a consistently hot face for distance and accuracy. In head-to-head tests, the new RAZR X Irons are 56% more accurate than a competitor's iron that chases distance at the cost of accuracy. Tighter Shots, Shorter Putts, Lower Scores.
I sampled the Razr X family at a regional demo day a couple of weeks ago. I hit the Razr X and the Black with a couple of different R-flex shaft combinations each, and the Callaway RAZR irons for sale in a couple of set stiff-flex clubs. The Razr X felt like a crisper version of the X20, which served me well for two seasons. The Black hit the ball OK, but had a somewhat strange feel to it. But, I like the idea of a low offset SGI club if it would deliver good shots.
The most important clubs in your bag are not your irons, but if you don't utilize them correctly you will never get to use the most important club in your bag, the putter.  If your iron play is less than good, then your putter will come in handy for sinking double bogey and triple bogey putts.  However, if your iron play is good, then you will create more birdies and pars opportunities and will lead to a more consistent game.  Sometimes all it takes is the right equipment's and one of the better choices out there is the Callaway RAZR X Irons.
The http://www.golfondeal.com/goods-39-Call … Irons.html create tighter shots, shorter putts and lower scores through uncompromised performance. Most irons today are designed to maximize one specific performance benefit— distance, forgiveness or feel— while sacrificing all other critical areas needed to hit more greens. To consistently hit it close and shoot lower scores, golfers need to be able to make shots from all areas of the golf course.

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Re: Callaway RAZR X Iron Is The Top Star In This Season

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