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If a person is not fit and/or flexible, the chances of injury, muscle

If a person is not fit and/or flexible, the chances of injury, muscle pain

Each player tries to hit the ball into a hole on the golf course using minimal number of strokes. It is a game of fitness and flexibility, as to be able to reach the ball into a hole, one has to be able to swing the club well. If a person is not fit and/or flexible, the chances of injury, muscle pain and stress increase manifold. It can also be attributed to the fact, that for the swing to be performed one has to carry out a strange body movement, which the body is not familiar with. Sometimes, the body can become stiff, when you are about to swing. 910H Hybrid

Lunge with Rotation
It is one of the dynamic golf stretches, which includes a swinging movement, that helps in stretching the hip flexors. Place the golf club on your shoulders, with your hands placed on either side of the club. Step the right leg forward and come into a lunge, making sure your left knee is locked. Now, gently twist your torso to the left, as far as you can. When you twist, you will have to ensure, your lower body does not move. Hold the position for a few seconds, before you release. It should be repeated at least 5 to 7 times on each side to see the effect of the exercise. Titleist AP2 712

Supported Squats
Lunges and squats are two exercises, which can never go wrong. This stretch will help in elevating the heart rate and also increase blood flow to the lower part of the body. Place the club in front of you, such that your hands are extended out straight. Bend the right leg and place the ankle of the right leg on the left thigh. Now slowly come into a squat, till your left thigh is parallel to the ground and come back to the starting position. Repeat the exercise 10 to 12 times, before your switch legs. Titleist AP1 712

Supported Twist and Bend
When one tries to hit the golf ball towards a putting green, you have to generate speed and power by twisting the upper torso. Doing this exercise works on the twisting movement and helps in bringing flexibility in the waist. Place the club on your shoulders and place the hands on either side. Stand with a little more than shoulder width distance between your feet. Now gradually twist to the right side and then bend down as though you were trying to reach your head to the right knee. Come back up and to the starting position and repeat the same on the other side. This stretch should be repeated 10 to 12 times on either side.

I would like to bring it to your notice, that before you do these golf stretches to improve flexibility,do not forget to warm up. The stretches should not be done, when the muscles are still cold. MB 710 Irons

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Re: If a person is not fit and/or flexible, the chances of injury, muscle

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Re: If a person is not fit and/or flexible, the chances of injury, muscle

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