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rayban eyesglasses Frame materials

rayban eyesglasses Frame materials

rayban eyesglasses Frame materialsManufacture of a pair of eyesSpectacles ray ban eyesglasses FrameTheMaterial scienceCan be divided into metalMaterial science, non metalMaterial scienceAnd naturalMaterial scienceSuch as the three major categories.
One, of metalMaterial science
For eyesSpectacles ray ban eyesglasses FrameMetalMaterial scienceCopper alloy, nickel alloy and precious metal three categories. Requires a certain degree of hardness, flexibility, elasticity, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight, good color and luster and. Therefore, to make the eyeSpectacles ray ban eyesglasses FrameMetalMaterial scienceAlmost all alloy or metal in surface processing after use.
1, zinc Cupronickel
Also known as the white or electrum. The main component is copper, which contains copper 64%, nickel 18%, zinc 18%, accounted for 8.8. Characterized by a certain corrosion resistance and good flexibility, and low cost, easy processing. Mainly used for the production of the hinge, pile head and nose bracket parts, low-grade eyeSpectacles ray ban eyesglasses FrameMost of the zinc CupronickelMaterial science. When used by human sweat corrosion rust was copper green.
In 2, brass
Also known as copper zinc alloy. Copper containing 63% ~ 65%, 35% ~ 37% zinc, yellow. Its advantages are convenient for cutting, drawback is easy to change. Commonly used in low-grade eyeSpectacles ray ban eyesglasses FrameAnd the nose support core.
In 3, copper nickel zinc tin alloy
Is the copper 62%, 23%, 13%, nickel zinc tin alloy composed of 2%. Has good flexibility, the plating treatment commonly used in eyeSpectacles ray ban eyesglasses FrameThe bridge of the nose and the glasses legs etc..
4, bronze
Generally refers to an alloy of copper and tin, which contains a small amount of zinc and phosphorus. Because bronze containing a certain amount of tin element, so the price is higher, its disadvantages are the processing difficulty and acid corrosion resistance is poor, but has good elasticity, magnetic resistance, wear resistance, in the atmosphere, water, steam resistance in human corrosive than copper and brass and other advantages, therefore suitable for eyeSpectacles ray ban eyesglasses FrameThe spring and the mirror ringMaterialMaterial.
5, Monel alloy
Nickel copper alloy belongs to a kind of. The proportion is 8.9, nickel 63% ~ 67%, 28% ~ 31% copper, small amounts of iron and manganese. Its feature is not due to chromium, nickel content is high, it has good strength, flexibility, corrosion resistance and welding firm etc., so often used in the manufacture of median eyeSpectacles ray ban eyesglasses Frame.
In 6, high nickel alloy
Also known as nickel alloy. The proportion is 8.67, 84% nickel, chromium 12.5%, silver 5%, bronze 1% and other elements, high Ni-Cr alloyMaterial science, and Monel alloy compared with more flexibility and corrosion resistance. Some imported eyeSpectacles ray ban eyesglasses FrameAnd domestic high-end ray ban eyesglasses Frame more than thisMaterial science.
7, stainless steel
As a kind of Ni-Cr alloy. The main iron accounted for more than 70%, Cr 18%, nickel 8%, other elements accounted for 0.1% ~ 0.3%. With good flexibility and corrosion resistance, used for glasses legsMaterial science, containing 1% ~ 1.5% lead elements in stainless steelMaterial scienceMore for the production of screws or gold ray ban eyesglasses Frame baseMaterial science. Its disadvantages are the strength and welding processing more difficult.
8, titanium
Pure titanium is a silvery white metal. The proportion is 4.5, weight is its biggest characteristic, and has very high strength, corrosion resistance and good plasticity. Multiple useIn the aerospace industry, known as the "space metal". At the beginning of eighty was used for the production of eyeSpectacles ray ban eyesglasses Frame, has been gradually solved the cutting, polishing, welding and plating processing problems, make titanium eyeSpectacles ray ban eyesglasses FrameThe basic popularization. The major products from japan.
Titanium eyeSpectacles ray ban eyesglasses FrameGeneral symbol is Ti-P or TiTAN, the mark that except the nose bracket, a hinge and screw, the other part is made of titanium to manufacturing, Ti-C notation eyeSpectacles ray ban eyesglasses FrameA portion of the titanium material manufacturing.
In 9, gold and gold alloy
Gold golden yellow, the proportion is 19.3, is the most heavy metal one, in the atmosphere will not be corrosion oxidation. Gold over Silver soft, have a good run of the show, in general do not have the gold eyeray ban eyesglasses Frame material, and the use of gold and silver, copper alloy.
The alloy of gold with "K" to mean. 24K is a 100% pure gold, eyeray ban eyesglasses Frame materialUsing K18, K14 and K12 alloy, its gold content were: K18: 18 / 24 x 100 = 75%, K14: 14 / 24 x 100 = 58.3%, K12: 12 / 24 x 100 = 50% and so on.
10, platinum
Is a gold alloy. Eyeray ban eyesglasses Frame materialUse of K14 white gold, its composition containing gold quantity 58.3%, nickel 17%, zinc and copper 16%, 8.5%.
11, platinum and platinum group
Pure platinum and gold, silver and as soft, generally associated with other elements to use platinum alloy. Platinum, palladium platinum element has:, iridium, osmium, rhodium and ruthenium, platinum group elements referred to above. EyeSpectacles ray ban eyesglasses FrameOften using platinum iridium alloy, the proportion is larger. Rhodium and Palladium for metal eyeSpectacles ray ban eyesglasses FrameElectroplatingMaterial science.
12, gold
Also known as mill gold, with gold, the rolling, is in the base metal is wrapped with a layer of gold, the thickness of 10 ~ 50 m. It has the properties of gold, with low cost features. Therefore, used for top gradeSpectacles ray ban eyesglasses Frame. Packet ray ban eyesglasses Frame gold substrateMaterial scienceThe general use of copper, brass, nickel and gold alloy, commonly used gold ray ban eyesglasses Frame consists of K18, K14, K12 and K10 etc.. Gold eyeSpectacles ray ban eyesglasses FrameThe said method has two kinds. The gold content with the weight ratio of 1 / 20 above, GF said, in 1 / 20, RGP. For example: 1 / 10 12K GF: 1 / 10 / 10 gold 1 x 12 / 24 = 1 / 20; 12K 12K alloy; GF gold symbol. 1 / 10 10K RGP: 1 / 10 / 10 gold 1 x 10 / 24 = 1 / 24; 10K 10K alloy; RGP represents 1 / 20 below the gold symbol.
13, aluminum alloy
Pure aluminum is quite soft, silvery white, and more generally for aluminum alloy. Aluminum is light, good corrosion resistance, has a certain hardness, good cold forming property, surface can be processed into a hard and thin oxide layer, can be dyed in various colors. The titanium ray ban eyesglasses FrameSpectacles ray ban eyesglasses FrameMirror foot joint washer using aluminum alloyMaterial science, also has a single lens made of aluminium alloy, rich colors.
In 14, the memory metal
Also called memory titanium or NT alloy, titanium and nickel are mixed and processed by high temperature synthesis. Than general titanium alloy has the advantages of light and super elasticity.
Two, non metalMaterial science
Generally used to make eyeSpectacles ray ban eyesglasses FrameNon metalMaterial scienceThe main use of synthetic resin as rawMaterial science, divided into thermoplastic and thermosetting resin two categories.
1, cellulose nitrate
Also called celluloid, belongs to the thermoplastic resin. Is mainly composed of cellulose nitrate add camphor and softener etc as rawMaterial scienceFrom a system. Flammable, due to a larger contraction of and other reasons, has been rarely used in the manufacture of eyeSpectacles ray ban eyesglasses Frame, in non metallic eyeSpectacles ray ban eyesglasses FrameIs a low-grade products. Its characteristics are as follows:
The proportion of 1.32 to 1.35.
The anti infrared ultraviolet light discoloration, but in.
The normal temperature flexibility, softening temperature at 60 degrees Celsius above, at the same time its elasticity, processing temperature in 90 ~ 100 degrees celsius.
The heated to 130 degrees Celsius when internally generated bubbles.
The heated to 180 degrees Celsius above easy to burn.
The long with easily weathered, yellowing, cracking.
The restoration of good.
2, acetic acid fiber
Is a thermoplastic resin. Composed mainly of cellulose acetate, plasticizers, coloring agent and stabilizer, lubricant from a system. Can be made of sheet metal ray ban eyesglasses Frame and plastic ray ban eyesglasses Frame twoKind of, is a plastic eyeSpectacles ray ban eyesglasses FrameThe main rawMaterial scienceOne, its characteristics are summarized as follows:
The specific gravity of 1.28 ~ 1.32, the game celluloid slightly.
It is not easy to burn
In the ultraviolet irradiation is not easy to change color
The recovery of small
He has some absorbent
The impact resistance is strong, the game Celluloid slightly lower.
To sum up, the celluloid and acetate fibers each having its similarities and differences. The same properties are all good transparency and gloss, easy coloring, good dimensional stability, easy processing molding, impact resistance and strong with high myopia lenses, the appearance was the United States and other common features.

3, propionic acid fiber

Is a thermoplastic resin, composed mainly of cellulose propionate as raw material, adding a very small amount of plasticizer, a colorant and a stabilizer system from. Having a dimensionally stable, durable, not easy to change, impact resistance, easy machining and its soft and good characteristics. Used for injection molding of eyeSpectacles ray ban eyesglasses FrameImports of plastic ray ban eyesglasses Frame, use more.
4, epoxy resin
Thermoset resin, but after being heated and has excellent resilience, it also has the properties of thermoplastic. Some high-end brand and the plastic ray ban eyesglasses FrameMaterial science. Its features include:

The light weight, general game Celluloid light 40%, acetic acid than have 20% ~ 30% light.
The good dimension stability
The easy coloring
The contraction of the range, in the assembled lens lens be greater.
The heating temperature for a minimum of 80 degrees Celsius, general 100 ~ 120 degrees celsius.
The heat resistance is extremely strong, can be heated to 200 degrees celsius.
The surface hardness is very strong, and can maintain its good gloss.
And has excellent strength, so the glasses legs without a metal core.
Under the condition of cooling bend easily broken
5, nylon
Also known as polyamides, thermoplastic resin is a genus. Its characteristic is a white opaque, strength, heat resistance, impact resistance, wear resistance and solvent resistance are good, and has its own lubrication characteristics, its drawback is that has certain water absorption, the dimensional stability of slightly worse.
6, carbon fiber
Has certain corrosion resistance, heat resistance and high strength, good flexibility characteristics, the intensive processing of synthetic resin, used for eyeray ban eyesglasses Frame material, also belong to the thermoplastic resin.
Three, naturalMaterial science
For the production of eyeSpectacles ray ban eyesglasses FrameNaturalMaterial scienceA hawksbill turtle, wood and animal head and other special. General wooden eyeSpectacles ray ban eyesglasses FrameAnd horn rack is rare, common is hawksbill eyeSpectacles ray ban eyesglasses Frame. Hawksbill turtleMaterial scienceIs the use of tropical ocean hawksbill shell as raw material, the eyeSpectacles ray ban eyesglasses FrameThe main producing area, West indies. The utility model has the advantages of light weight, easy processing, polishing, beautiful luster when heated, pressurized heated when plasticity can be engaged, no stimulation to the skin, and durable preservation value. In various kinds of eyeSpectacles ray ban eyesglasses FrameIs a high-grade products, very popular with middle aged male wearers welcome. Its deficiency is associated with celluloidMaterial scienceCompared with easy to break, but after fracture can be bonded repair. Chen Lieshi placed in the counter water to dry, in the use of the maintenance must not be used in ultrasonic cleaning, or pale dull. The hawksbill turtle in the ocean is prohibited to capture the animal, yield is not more expensive.

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Re: rayban eyesglasses Frame materials

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Re: rayban eyesglasses Frame materials

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