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Modular programming - PIE.Wiki.

Material from PIE.Wiki
The essence modular programming  consists in splitting a complex task into a number of simpler subtasks and composing programs for solving them quite independently of each other. Modularity is one of the basic principles of constructing software projects. In the general case, a module is a separate functionally complete software unit, which is in some way identifiable and combined with others, a means of determining a logically related set of objects, a means of isolating and isolating them. A module is a means of decomposing not only control structures, but also data structures. This was greatly facilitated by the development of the concept of "data type".

Definition What does modular programming mean?
Modular programming  - this is a breakdown process computer program  on separate subroutines. The module is a separate software component. It can often be used in various applications and functions with other components of the system. Similar functions are grouped into the same unit of programming code, and individual functions are developed as separate units of code, so that the code can be reused by other applications.

Object-oriented programming is largely compatible with the concept of modular programming. Modular programming allows several programmers to separate work and debug program fragments independently. Modular programming modules provide logical boundaries between components and improve maintainability. They are integrated through interfaces. They are designed to minimize dependencies between different modules. Commands can develop modules separately and do not require knowledge of all modules in the system.Click to read more >>slotxo

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