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will come forward to hold tight six Ping pings

Six Ping pings don't know that the dreamlike mansion exactly took place what affair, however still obey of left this room.She is just the common run of people and stay not only could not have what function, but also may bring trouble Nie three Fengs here.After waiting until her to leave this room, she hears spread to violently fight a voice in the room of behind.
    Six Ping pings met dangerous, Bobby Orr Jersey the first reaction is to take out a telephone, beat to fly for Yan, but discover that the cellular phone has already had no signal.Want to know for promising communication signal, the Yan flew exclusively to install a signal tower in the crest layer of dreamlike mansion, so the telephone signal of dreamlike mansion has been the best, can't appear to didn't circumstance of signal.She thought of to before hear right away of that is huge to ring and later power outage trouble, knowing musted be someone to do in the dreamlike mansion what, would cause dreamlike mansion since didn't give or get an electric shock, also have no signal.
    Is at the thought of here, six Ping pings the facing loft run right away.There is a foreign enemy invading tonight, although six Ping pings know that the Yan flies badly,does not know the enemy whom he exactly can reply to strike, so subconscious of want to run to the Yan to fly nearby.
The dreamlike mansion Brad Marchand Jersey totally has 45 F in the building on the ground, 143 among them are used for dreamlike each section of science and technology to transact and the logistics guarantee.The 44 F is the appropriative warehouse that the Yan flies, 45 F is mansion crest the layer is also the house that the Yan flies.
    For promising that the safety flying Yan is all cut off between the mansion 43 F and the 44 F, an elevator to can not go up, either, only a front door partitions the top and bottom district.But get into this front door to not only need to open to lock a password, but David Pastrnak Jersey also need to carry on face to identify, only getting the talented person of safe system authorization permission can get into this front door.
    Flies in the Yan of devote major efforts to throw in under, the power supply equipments of dreamlike mansion is very advanced.Even if circumscribe the power power outage or be intentionally cut off, can start the spare power power supply of mansion right away;Even if spare power also appeared a problem, dreamlike mansion some districts still had independent power.These independent power maintains the operation of mansion provisions for security and promise the safety of dreamlike mansion, Patrice Bergeron Jersey but get into the front door of 43, 44 F is controled by independent power.
    Six oneselfs of Ping Ping are attacked to get hurt, however worry more the safety flying Yan.Before she run to the front door, in a great hurry of importation password, after identifying after the face of safe system, the front door opens.Six Ping pings pass this front door, then rapid re- close this front door.
    The Yan flew to return to crest layer oneself's home after getting off work today, the period had been having no to contact with six Ping pings, and six Ping pings hasn't been once seeing him as well.The circumstance that foreign enemy happened to invade now, Torey Krug Jersey the Yan flies but has no action to send out, six Ping pings worry very much the safety flying Yan, wants to quickly see the Yan flying.
    Six Ping pings quickly run to the 45 F, the blood on her body continuously spreads on the ground and look to touch eyes shocking.She didn't outside the room vacant land up see the Yan fly, and room the inside is also pitch dark.In six hearts of Ping Ping a bit worried, hence simultaneously shout the Yan flies of name, part facing room in run.
    But at this time, again climb to come up a person from the wall body of dreamlike mansion, this person's real strenght is strong, a jump up is more than ten rices of distance.He another part from the dreamlike mansion climb 45 F, he list grasp protection iron railing on the wall body, Tuukka Rask Jersey looking at positive facing Yan to fly room to run to of six Ping pings, peep out hideous smile on his face, one turns over a body, will come forward to hold tight six Ping pings.
    Who know that the blue light of iron railing grasping on this person's hand is one Shan, a strong electric current suddenly appears.That person Cu cannot compares with to defend, immediately drive in the high pressure electric shock, his body is a burst of stiff, have no dint on the hand, can not prop up his weight any further.His hand a loose, see him keep on dropping from the air.

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Re: will come forward to hold tight six Ping pings

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