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#1 17-10-2019 17:43:30

Heba Soffar

Matter, Properties & Kinds of molecules

The molecule is the building unit of matter, properties of the molecules of matter are in a state of continuous motion, There are intermolecular spaces between the molecules of matter and there are attraction forces between the molecules of matter.

Kinds of molecules

Kinds of molecules are the element molecule and compound molecule, The element molecule is formed of similar atoms that combine together such as Helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon and radon, The compound molecule is formed of different atoms that combine together such as water molecule, Ammonia molecule and Hydrogen chloride molecule.


It is anything that has a mass & occupies a space, It can be distinguished from each by physical properties and chemical properties, The colour, taste & smell is a property that can sometimes be used to differentiate between different materials, Density is mass of one cubic centimetre of a substance.

Melting point

It is the temperature at which matter begins to change from a solid state to a liquid state, Each substance comes with a definite melting point, Substances can be classified according to melting points into Substances have low melting points & Substances have high melting points.

Boiling point

Each substance has a definite boiling point which is used to differentiate between different substances, The separation of the components of crude oil can be done by heating the crude oil, then separating each substance at its boiling point.

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#2 30-11-2019 00:04:05


Re: Matter, Properties & Kinds of molecules

Wow, this is a crash course of what molecules is all about. It is simply one of the best things to actually have right now. - Phillip Elden

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