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#1 25-06-2019 10:12:59


conex box

What is a folding box?
The Boxing Folding is a product of Sepehr's Design Design Team, which can be very quick and easy to assemble and is now becoming more popular and popular all over the world. One of the most important features of this box as its name suggests. Transportation is very easy to set up the box as quickly as possible and collect it as quickly as possible. The team of Skeks specialists has been aiming at the design of this box, which is further discussed in Talk about what applications can be used at all, so stay tuned to us.

  Folding box is widely used for camping, dormitories, container baths, offices, shops, security guards, schools, hospitals, and so on. The box office can be arranged according to the customer's needs, and this box provides stairs, iron framed beds, air conditioning, enclosures and other facilities.

کانکس سرویس بهداشتی
Important features of folding collage
1) This container house is a quick assembly unit.
2) This type of box can be delivered in a variety of colors and designs to meet the needs of customers.
3) This folding box is designed with windows and doors, different materials and excellent quality, tailored to the budget of the customer and the need for it.
4) The standard size of our standard collage is 5850mmX2270mmX2800mm, we can also customize other sizes to meet our different requests.
5) This box can be used for storing and storing dry goods.
6) Widely used for dormitories, container kitchens, containerized toilets, container containers, express hotels, motels, containerized hospitals, security boxes and so on.

7) It is also possible to add external wall coverings to the folding box for its beauty and luxury.

Stay in touch with this Seeker if you have questions about this.

#2 06-07-2019 08:21:11


Re: conex box

Vehicles are one of the most important transportation products that are transported nationally and internationally. Typically, when a person chooses to carry a vehicle, this is because the car is a collectible, expensive or a destructive or valuable project that does not want to be harmed, hence it uses a car's container.

Container Car Collector
Both individuals and businesses that sell their cars want to know that the vehicle is being removed exactly in the same way as the inside of the container.

Therefore, only good coupons that will keep the car in high quality.

Fortunately, there are a large number of existing car containers available on the market today, each unique designed to hold vehicles at each stage of the transportation process.

What are some of the benefits of a car container?
If you've just gotten to the concept of a container car, you might say why invest in a container, when I pay for airfare? »

Yes, it's true that outdoor aviation is usually cheaper than paying for a car transportation container. So, if the price is just your concern, aviation can be the right solution for you.

But when you know the benefits of transporting your vehicle in a car's container, your comment may change.

Some of the benefits of car containers include:
Increased insurance

It is always advisable to carry luxury vehicles, classic cars and assembled vehicles using an automatic storage tank, because these insurance vehicles and in the event of any insurance event pay the full cost.

Less risk

The car storage container protects your vehicles from a number of problems. Damage from hail, dust or exposure to sunshine, against explosions and storage containers for vehicle theft, provides a level of protection that open air units can not compete with. In addition, when your car is stored in a container, viewers are not able to recognize what's inside it. This is especially useful for people who carry luxury cars because they are more likely to be the interest of pirates and criminals.


When transporting your vehicle using a car storage container, make sure your car is the only container in the container. These companies carry their unit in large trailers, which can have different levels and often places your car among other vehicles.

In addition, because you spend on storage for your storage capacity, you can choose to be personalized, if you are interested in it. This is especially true for customers who are moving to another city and have other personal items they want to move.

Can multiple vehicles be completed with a container?
In summary? totally.

Of course, most cars that you need to keep your container transport will be more expensive. But for customers who need to carry a car, multiple equipment or vehicles, additional costs are always worth the cost. Automatic shipping container

In Sepehr, we have a few car containers that can carry multiple units. For example, our 45-cylinder 45-cylinder container is slightly larger than a two-car garage and can take a maximum gross weight of 32475 kg.

We also have a 40 "shipping container that deactivates both sides of the swing doors for ease of loading and loading.


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