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Is the free sample cutting disc protected during use?

Some users who have used the cutting disc know that the use of the cutting disc does bring a lot of convenience to the user, but in the course of its use, it is necessary to pay attention to some matters in order to work better and safer. So how do the free sample cutting disc do the protection work when they are used?
There are many types of cutting discs. The cutting discs are not only different in shape and size, but also the abrasives, grain size, bonding agent, hardness and structure of the cutting discs are different. Thus, different cutting discs have different characteristics, and the cutting discs of different characteristics are adapted to different processing ranges. To achieve the desired grinding results, different cutting discs must be selected for different grinding situations.
The safety protection of the cutting disc grinder is mainly the grinding wheel cover. Once the grinding wheel is broken, the wheel cover should have sufficient strength and reasonable structure to prevent the particles from flying, resulting in personal and equipment accidents.
The wheel cover is usually welded with A3 steel plate and can also be made of cast copper. The protective cover of the smaller grinding wheel is also made of aluminum alloy. Cast iron is not suitable for use as a protective cover due to its low strength. The thickness of the cover wall should be reasonable, the thickness is too thin, the strength is not enough, and it is not safe when working; when it is too thick, it is cumbersome an

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Evan Ashton

Re: Is the free sample cutting disc protected during use?

The proper steps are followed to maintain security. - Steven Wyer

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