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Tips for storing diamond depressed grinding disc in stock

Usually, we have the depressed grinding disc in stock, so what are the storage techniques? The following Henan Aurora Abrasive Tool Co., Ltd. will share the storage skills of diamond grinding wheels:
When the diamond grinding wheel is in storage, the grinding wheel cannot be rolled to avoid cracks and surface damage, and it is not subject to strong vibration and impact.

Roller manufacturing precision, using the internal grinding method diamond grinding wheel manufacturing process, can stably produce high-precision, complex surface roller, the service life reaches 20,000 to 50,000 times, the storage time of the grinding wheel should not exceed the effective period of the grinding wheel, the grinding wheel of resin and rubber bond From the date of leaving the factory, if the storage time exceeds one year, it must be passed after the swing test is passed.

Diamond tools for processing hard and brittle materials mainly include various diamond saws and diamond products. Although the application range and processing characteristics of various tools are different, the wear mechanism is almost the same. The storage place of the diamond grinding wheel should be kept dry and the temperature is suitable to avoid. Mix with other chemicals. Prevents the wheel from getting wet, low temperature, overheating and corrosion by harmful chemicals.

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Kate Wilst

Re: Tips for storing diamond depressed grinding disc in stock

Perfect information! There's a lot of tips to follow which really give good results. - Steven Wyer

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