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The development history of resin grinding wheel technology

Everything is constantly evolving, even human beings are no exception, let alone other equipment or instruments, tools, resin long life grinding wheel are important grinding and cutting tools in the manufacturing industry, of course, step by step development, Today is to say how the automatic molding technology of China long life grinding wheel has developed!

  As early as the early 1980s, people in the industry explored and tried on the technology of long life grinding wheel. At that time, an automatic forming press was imported from abroad. This machine is quite compact in design, and it differs from ordinary presses in that it has an additional feed system.

  The working principle of the long life grinding wheel is: put the mixture into the upper hopper, shake it, drop it on the conveyor belt, scrape it with a squeegee, then adjust the conveying speed, and finally send the material to the weighing hopper, after weighing accurately The material is put into the mold cavity.

  The design principle seems to be quite effective in increasing production efficiency. But there is a practical problem that no matter how it is adjusted, it will never reach the ideal level of design. Because the thin long life grinding wheel is not like smelting corundum and silicon carbide, the error of the raw material can't be too large. It is not an easy task to weigh accurately through the conveyor belt. Repeated adjustment can not only improve efficiency but also waste a lot of time. Nowadays, a compromise is adapted to bypass the more difficult feed system, artificial feed, multi-station press, labor intensity reduction, and production efficiency.

  The ideal feed system needs to be improved and developed. Once this technology is mastered, it will enable the production of thin-plate long life grinding wheels as efficiently and quickly as the production of coated abrasives. It will fully realize mechanization and automation, bringing about tremendous changes in the sheet market.

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Richard Jones

Re: The development history of resin grinding wheel technology

The development of the different industries have opened many opportunities. - Dr. James D. Sterling

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