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Launch angle and the best Braves month of Nick Markakis

The fly ball-slash-launch angle revolution is everywhere these days, it seems. Everywhere is a big place. Everywhere could even extend to the career of a 34-year-old corner outfielder who’s provided http://www.redsonlineofficial.com/chris … -1_29.html steady-yet-unremarkable production for the Atlanta Braves in the first three years of his four-year contract. The narrative is pretty simple: guy hits more balls in the air, guy’s numbers improve, everyone’s happy. Extra base hits are great. The current run environment (by which I mean the apparent composition of regulation baseballs) is conducive to hitting the ball in the air. When you’re not that fleet of foot, it only makes all the sense of the world to try and do something other than put the ball on the ground and try to win the race to first base.
http://www.officialpenguinsshop.com/bry … -1_18.html
You probably already know that Nick Markakis has had a phenomenal month of April. In fact, his 144 wRC+ is the highest he’s ever achieved in a calendar month while wearing a Braves uniform. (Amusingly, his second-highest wRC+ in said uniform was his very first month in it, as he put up a 136 wRC+ in April 2015.) The last time he had an even better offensive month? May 2013. As noted above, these days launch angle is a popular conclusion to jump to whenever a player sees a boost in offensive performance. And, on the surface, it seems like there’s something to that. Since Markakis signed Andrew Ference Youth Jersey with the Anthony DeAngelo Youth Jersey Braves, his seasonal wRC+s have been 106, 98, 95, and now that 144 mark. Denis Savard Youth Jersey His launch angles? 6.9°, 10.8°, 8.6°, and 13.8° (!). Here’s the most boring chart ever illustrating the same thing, with wOBA Artem Anisimov Youth Jersey instead of wRC+.this relationship is way clearer if you use xwOBA. Click here to see that. Hit things in the air: it’s not rocket science, though it uses many of the same principles.)

You can see the temptation here. You can feel it. There’s a dot in the http://www.blackhawksshopofficial.com/d … -1_30.html upper right-hand corner. We’ve found the secret to the Markakis Success Equation... or have we?

Yeah, I don’t think so. It’s a nice story, but http://www.rangersofficialshop.com/jt-m … c-1_2.html there’s a bit of an issue. You see, this isn’t the first time Markakis has flirted with increasing his launch angle. The kicker? It happens, and sometimes it leads to good results. But it doesn’t stick. None of that is to say that it won’t stick this time, of course. Maybe this time, there’s some dedication. He’s carrying around a cheat sheet in his pants pocket that tells him where to position himself in the outfield these days, no reason why there can’t be a concerted effort to improving his offensive output, too. But we need more data. I’ll show you why.

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