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'Carvalley' is used to win the heart of the white swan.

Carlos Carvalon, who came to the rescue of the "white swan" Swansea admitted that they are serious about the team and not funny to ridicule.

Since being appointed to replace Paul Clement, Carvalhal has turned the White Swan team incredibly well. By now, unless the team moves out of the zone. Still leading the team through the FA Cup finalists after the 8th to 8-1 in the rebound.

Carvalon, who is not a Big Bang coach, admits that at first he was not accepted by the team. It is because of the intention to be serious with the last job can handle the new team.

"I did not work in the circus. So I did not move here to make fun of just being a joke to anybody, "said former Sheffield Wednesday manager.

"I like to play jokes. Sometimes people are hilarious. But the commitment and atmosphere within the team, it involves all that we have to do together. I try to keep everything around me connected. It all depends on the relationship. Both defensive and offensive line. "

"If you can work with a player, it does not matter if you need to be a better manager. I think I'm smart enough to find a way to show my team. How are you? Know what to deal with. How to be together? Know where to adjust to be together. "

"The manager has to feel the mask sometimes. When you are stressed, feel bad about what is in front of the best way is to make people with a smile and relax. The main thing that is changing our team is the players, managers, staff and fans, but now we have not achieved anything. We have to keep trying. "bet

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#3 21-04-2018 04:58:03

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Re: 'Carvalley' is used to win the heart of the white swan.


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