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Properties of ultrafine mill accessories

Ultrafine mill has a high rate of powder, tons of powder small power consumption and other advantages, and ultrafine mill rolling distance control system stability is a necessary condition to achieve good grinding effect, according to different materials, rolling distance can be adjusted flexibly, and reflects the sensitive and fast, this mill use handy, the industry called the rolling stability. The stability of rolling distance is not only referred to as the well adjusted rolling distance, but also can be kept for a long time. Besides, when the rolling distance is adjusted, the effect of material crushing is obvious, and the operation is effortless and effortless.

The rolling mill control flexibility and stability is a basic requirement for high quality milling machine, but in the actual production, the rolling stability is very difficult, and this is where sebang industrial ultrafine mill advantages when rolling distance instability is the main manifestations are: the mill to adjust the rolling distance, rolling distance not long keep the time; when trimming grinding roller of material crushing effect is not obvious; adjusting the rolling distance when the current is very high, but the material crushing effect is not good, the broken rate is not up to the requirements. The key factors that affect the rolling distance stability include the material problem, the machining problem and the structure design.

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Kip Brown

Re: Properties of ultrafine mill accessories

These materials have played an important role in the industry. - Green Water Technologies

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