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#1 04-10-2011 05:11:16


Someone said that

Someone said that, at present, teachers in rural primary and secondary schools no one is willing to do, this is also a take it for granted that the. Primary and secondary school teachers at present wages gradually becomes the county as a whole, the city as a whole, in the country to the city of teaching in the teaching of the salary will be gradually towards unification, as long as the executive capable of rural teachers, the theory treatment no discounts, UGG Boots you should not appear in great contrast between the level. As for the plight tired point, also can increase subsidies through the way such as the solution. As I in another article, the right of the said situation should be this: in the face of urban and rural teachers (other administrative institutions should also such) for environmental conditions caused by the different treatment not fair, it should be made a reverse collocation-the poor, MBT Shoes the environment, until you pay high in good environment, wages low and environmental difference and high salary between difficult to weigh the pros and cons, let most people are not that easy to choose determined to prove that our policy of basic fair. Of course this is a kind of idealistic state, but can close to this goal is to belong to a successful attempt. And, at present rural primary and secondary MBT Shoes Sale school teachers this post is not really completely no one is willing to do. Because we have a large number of every year of this specialized subject graduates of normal couldn't find a job. If we can from the system, and treatment for their thoughtful little, they should first consider dry this professional-when the teacher. If we can implement environment in salary reverse collocation at the same time, to break the flow of personnel, the line they can let go of burden, light advancement. Many young people are the main cause of teachers' professional prohibitive, precisely because the education system of personnel flow card too death, not let primary and secondary school teachers, an transfer the work of civil servants, even not allow to their postgraduate courses.The North Face Reasonable to release the then? Financial, power or enterprise, how do not see them? A big movement of personnel? The key is to attract people to pay, humanity, to let everybody have freedom, a sense of security.

Said to let everyone put things right, the equal treatment, it is to hope our officials, experts and scholars of rural education, don't treat correctly really rural as slums, as the trash. New China education run for 60 years, everybody is hard of rural education come when, is always good, not bad overnight to remedy hard degree. It was proposed that, in order to improve the teaching quality of rural primary and secondary school education, let city teachers to aid in turn, let retired education to get paid for volunteer service. This idea listen, inspiring a carefully thinking, is like hell. Rural primary Cheap Timberland Boots and middle school is the school, put so many new forces need not, why want to organize such neither fish nor fowl, no organization of security ZaPaiJun? Education is a career, need to normalization, specialization, we welcome someone to rural education, but never rely on the support of the primary and secondary school education CouFenZi way. Guest teachers can only be into the applause, could be defeated four excuse, then farm boy? When the experiment? This is not a fair, a kind of discrimination.

#2 12-10-2011 18:57:49

airjordan shoes

Re: Someone said that

Jordan is the classic of classics

1984 Buddha Bay, Oregon in the United States Dayton nike headquarters, a large-scale debate on the discussion, Jordan's signature shoes Air Jordan shoes series, finally brought to the stage of history. Then spend a great price nike, adidas mouth from the 1984 session to grab third overall NBA Rookie Michael Jordan in 1985 signed the first pair of Jordan's Air Jordan 1shoes officially listed, and the next two decades to create a sports brand legend.
Air Jordan 3 was there, "the father of Michael Jordan shoes," a name designed by Tinker Hatfield's first pair of Jordan shoes. And the first use of the Jumpman Logo, instead of the original flying wing basketball.

#3 12-10-2011 18:58:18

prada boots

Re: Someone said that

In 1913, Pradain Milan, Italy, founded the first boutique downtown, founder Mario • Prada (Mali op Lada) designed by fashion and high-quality handbags, luggage,leather accessories and cosmetics cases and other products obtained from the royal family and the love and pursuit of high society. Today, this boutique still favored the upper class in Italy still has a high reputation and prestige, Prada values embodied in the product has been regarded as extraordinary in everyday life to enjoy. Prada was founded in 1913, the first boutique. In 1978, the historic well-known brands have been given a new element in the development and vitality. Miu Pu Landa Pictures (20) ccia (Mali op Lada's granddaughter) and then with rich experience in luxury products Patrizio Bertelli established a business partnership.70's fashion environment changes, Pradanear the verge of bankruptcy. 1978 Miuccia together with her husband Patrizio Bertelli took over and led Cheap Prada Shoes towards a new milestone.

#4 12-10-2011 18:58:42

air max shoes

Re: Someone said that

In 1972, Knight and Bowerman finally had invented a kind of shoes, and decided to create their own. They make the task contracted out to cheap labor factories in Asia, and to take the name of this shoe is Air Max Shoes, which is according to the Greek god of victory and take the name of the. They also invented a unique logo Swoosh (meaning "whizzed"), it is extremely eye-catching, unique, each piece of Nike products have this mark.
In short, Swoosh is the symbol that NIKE.
Early embryonic company, Knight used his relationships in the  sports world, from the shuttle on the track and field sports field, warn that sales of hisunning shoes. At that time the product is purchased from Japan, he often designed shoes that the U.S. will potential. Early 1970s, Knight. began to implement the concept of  self-designed shoes, but after careful study of the investigation, found sufficient to support his demand to establish their own production lines. But, finally decided to use Japan's experience in production, with Japan in 1972, Knight signed the first contract, the official production completely American designed Nike shoes.

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Timberland boots

Re: Someone said that

Timberland Tim Bo Lan is the world's leading outdoor brand, a true love for every outdoor person, Tim Bo Lan  is a true and reliable, sustainable development of outdoor brands  by providing innovative, through the outdoor test, look beautiful and durable equipment, so you get the most extensive outdoor experience.
Timberland production, including clothing, footwear, accessories, watches and other outdoor products. He called people out of their small world, full enjoyment of nature. He fully embodies the innovative product design, durability, functionality and other characteristics. Also reflect the young, lively, bold, strong, practical and other features. Timberland's mission is "to equip your life's journey, and in your world to create extraordinary." Timberland no shortage of followers around the world. In the United States alone Puf Daddy, Will Smith, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston ... even a hip hop star said he is Timberland Boots.

#6 25-04-2012 04:53:18

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Re: Someone said that

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If you think you could match this clutch with some cute shoes, try the Rafe Marylebone Donegal Woola€? Valerie' Rounded High Heels! Thata€? d be super swanky n' sassy! Buy them via Rafe for oakley sunglasses outlet.

#7 20-07-2012 07:42:02

borsa vuitton

Re: Someone said that

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Cheap Vibram five fingers

Re: Someone said that

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