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SEO, you need to know what Onpage Offpage is.

The overall SEO is divided into 2 parts:
1. OnPage = internal website structure optimization to be suitable for Search Engine
2. OffPage = Sending links from external websites Enter the main website.

In the direct purchase of Text Links and posting articles (attaching links within the article) will increase the SEO score in the OffPage section.

The best way to send links from external websites to increase your OffPage score must include the following quality factors:
1. Make it natural Not too many Use a variety of links, such as links from the words "Read more", "Thank you for the information from ...", "(emphasize naturally as many)
2. Good links must come from websites in the same category.
3. Good links must be available from various background websites such as Template, Structure, Age, Different PR etc.

In order to obtain OffPage, there are 2 options:
1. Create relevant websites by yourself. ** This process can be done by yourself.
2. Go to buy links from relevant websites (both Text Links and Advertorials). ** This process may require money to buy.

* The amount of links from OffPage will depend on Difficulty of Keywords that want to rank
* If those keywords are difficult, competitors may need to use high number of links to website
* But don't forget that Every link added to the website Must always be natural
Thanks for the information from >>slotxo

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