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Microsoft will end with Control Panel in Windows 10

Windows 10 Key Code For any longtime Windows user the Control Panel has been a strong ally whether it is time to remove a Windows program or even find specific network settings and the like but according to codes found by Windows Insider users inside of build previews of the system it looks like this will soon be the case.

Anyone who is used to using Windows 10 must have already gone through the settings panel it has a completely different appearance than the Control Panel and this has a reason: Touchscreen optimization. Optimizations for Touch screens have been made since the arrival of Windows 8 and have been extensively extended to Windows 10 cheap Windows 10 CD Key but much more polished than the first versions.

2 codes that were found in the preview version of Windows 10 suggest that the Control Panel should disappear soon: Hide_System_Control_Panel and SystemToAboutSettingsSearchRemoval. The first literally translates to "Esconder_Sistema_Painel_Controle" and the second is something similar to "SistemaParaSobreConfiguraçõesPesquisaRemover" which gives strong suggestions from our dear friend of the computer technicians that his days are numbered.

The biggest reason that many people prefer the settings application or the Control Panel are the big differences between the options offered by them. While some network settings - for example - can only be found in the Control Panel Windows update settings only appear in the Settings application and the new one only gets worse from there.

Another reason is that the newer menu no longer displays more advanced settings in its subtitle focusing on basic functions and thus leaving those who really need to go "a little deeper" a little confused after all depending on the configuration it could be in more than a menu and it turns out that some settings that were in the system part of the Control Panel are found elsewhere in the Settings app.

In the end there is still no confirmation from Microsoft but the tip we give is that you should prepare for the worst and try to get used to the new "way" to access the settings of the Operating System.

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