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the design possibilities are endless with Goodwood shutters

In today's world of automated manufacturing, can it be refreshing to find a company like Goodwood, because there, people still admire the skilled hands of a craftsman?
Shutter dimensions Goodwood internal milling also allows advanced customization in shutter and frame outlines. Custom examples include louver panel thickness, ladder beam width, and louver size or orientation. If our standard options don't meet your needs, you can design a custom frame outline to match the woodwork in your space.
Goodwood shutters are available in three shutter sizes, providing flexibility in balancing the interior with your view of the world around you. Pay attention to larger blinds to help maximize your field of view.
The picture on the right illustrates how the view will change based on the size of the blinds you choose.
Plantation shutters and custom finishes
The customization process does not end with the design and construction of the shutters, but includes the finishing of the shutters. From customized paint and stain matching to special finishes such as glazing, antiques and pain, the design possibilities are endless with Goodwood shutters.
Every custom shutter from goodwood shutters has a furniture-quality finish. Finishing options start with our standard paint and stain colors. However, many of our customers prefer to use our custom colors and complete matching services.
Solid cherry shutter color finishes are customized according to goodwood shutters. Each color is matched, not by the machine, but by a Goodwood finisher. Then look at the color match under various lighting conditions to make sure it is acceptable in any lighting environment.
(Note how in the photo on the right, we get solid cherry shutters that match the existing decoration and wall panel almost perfectly.)
After the color meets the requirements of our experts, send a physical sample to the customer for approval. Once approved, custom shutter orders can be produced.
goodwood offers custom professional finishes for customers who want an extraordinary experience in their plantation shutters. Our specialty products include glass shutters, hole shutters and antique shutters. Choose from our library of lacquer crafts and personalize it based on your color choices, or let our artisans create a unique look for you.
The plantation shutters are too daring? Try casual silhouette window shadow
The most obvious focus of shutters is plantation shutters, but we also provide a variety of high-quality window treatments if the shutters are just not suitable for customers. Not everyone has the same design taste or budget is perfectly acceptable. If you are still looking for a way to protect your home and furniture from sunlight, consider silhouette window shadows instead.
You may like natural light, but you may not like the stripes formed on the floor, furniture, etc. This is the beauty of contour window shadows. They are unique because they have an "S" shaped blade, which is a vital structure because it provides amazing UV protection while also enhancing natural daylighting. Like our plantation shutters, silhouette window shadows are very versatile. They are available in a variety of fabrics and colors to complement every decoration.
Depending on your choice of color, your shades can add warmth or subtle look to the room. Nantucket is part of the silhouette collection, which offers more casual fabrics and similar design options. The silhouette and Nantucket's iconic "S" curve prevents Moore (those ugly ones, the small lines we mentioned), while also allowing light control. Most importantly, they are not only stylish but also more economical than plantation shutters for those who still want a reasonable window treatment.
Colors of chestnut garden shutters
Have you looked closely at two different chestnuts and found that they look different? Our shutters at Goodwood Blinds Plantation are real wood straight from the source, which means that no two sets will be exactly like the previous set. This is part of the beautiful worm-chestnut plantation shutters. Today, we will discuss further why the texture and color of wood can be different.
Although there are few growing areas of chestnut, it is found in the eastern United States. Today, wormworm chestnuts are mostly recovered from demolished barns and other buildings. The exterior has a taupe heartwood that darkens with age, and a narrow, light-colored sapwood. Literally, the holes in the wood were caused by insects invading the trees, while the black streaks were left after the nails rusted, leaving a unique green color on the wood.
As you can imagine, processing this reclaimed wood into beautiful custom worm-chestnut plantation shutters is an extensive process. We spend a lot of time choosing the best wood to ensure that our products meet Goodwood shutter standards.
The biggest feature of this wood is that it is considered very durable. Due to its texture, it glues, stains and finishes well. This type of wood is usually best placed in rooms with rustic décor and furniture. The biggest benefit of customizing a house with maggot chestnut plantation shutters is that the shutters can be any shape or size.
Plantation shutters add curb stone appeal
When you invest in your first home, it is rarely the last home you own. In fact, research shows that the average length of time a homeowner has lived at home before selling his home is about 7 years. Of course, when you live in your house, you want it to look beautiful, but you should also consider what you can do to upgrade the house during this time, so that future buyers will have a good first An impression. Exterior plantation shutters are just one way, just add a little to curb the appeal! The Website: https://www.thepolyurethane.com

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