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Nike Air Max 90 Green Python


Nike Shoes Running silhouette is turning 30 soon and to kick off the festivities, the Swoosh brand has released the sneaker in “Desert Sand” featuring a diverse mix of patterns and textures. The Tinker Hatfield classic arrives in the signature ’90s design along with one-of-a-kind detailing.

The Nike Shoes Blue upper features a blend of muted shades ranging from beige, brown, dark amber and deep purple. Textures include suede and leather material with laser-etched detailing and terrain patterns found on maps. The Swoosh has been incorporated with black synthetic material, while hints of purple hues and dark orange tones appear on the signature plastic eye stays. Take a look at the pair in the gallery above and let us know if you’ll be adding these to your fall rotation.

Nike Shoes For Men 2019 silhouette has always been a good canvas for some of the the sports brand’s more out-there patterns and colorways and this new “Bright Crimson” iteration is no exception. The almost neon sneaker has a patchwork-like leather upper, with panels of peach-red, hot pink, light violet and pastel pink resulting in a bold, unmissable sneaker. Orange detailing in a textured rubber lands on the sidewall and heel, boasting Air Max and Nike branding respectively, while a “Pure Platinum” sockliner and tongue add a subtle contrast to the style.

The Nike Air Max 90 Green Python tone laces come with chrome Swoosh emblems in silver and bright green that are removable, allowing you to switch up the look according to your mood. Completing the statement sneaker is a fully crimson midsole with visible a Air Max bubble.


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Re: Nike Air Max 90 Green Python

There will be more Nike Shoes Running 2020. - Steven C Wyer

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Re: Nike Air Max 90 Green Python

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