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Re: keep your accessories simple and match your dress.

Reply to this email alone isn't enough, the Chinese currency must be b the funds, and back to the challenge system, the special account! William and  directly only fight both parties, on a war the money to pay this to the special marriage xi, so, this will be established a challenge. , William, qualified enter challenge room zai dou! The winner, the two money directly into the account. "It's only 5 b?"  from his Swiss international bank account in secret, direct remit 5 b, into this camp special account. "In the past, I dare not easily compared with the cautious, but now I entered the camp, and in the camp that one by one by invite my organization, which a given invited the price is not day price?"  don't worry bet after victory over, transfer money to their normal account, can cause the vultures poison scorpion doubt. Don't may doubt. dre beats Elite students training camp, account with hundreds of b money, that's normal! "Drop!" In an E-mail.  PM on a look. "High efficiency, so time come out? The March 31 11 a.m. 15 points?" In another building. Few of the white young men and women are together. "His money has collected the past, time is 11 a.m. tomorrow the DiSen said Iraq 1 s, flank of a figure appear high thin golden youth not way:" William, you directly....... The big time This but 5 b Chinese currency...... I feel this a bit dangerous. "" candice, you worry??????? "William" the quiet cold eyes, I'm sure to win. "" you hope's pretty big from. "That candice golden youth nodded." the is  tigers are-if the 'strength far off to elite training camp, and people, I'm afraid it was recruiting early in, can't wait till today. Explain his strength, than the average person not much better. "" but he dare say eyebrows knit together, rafael like two sword" I handle "candice, you but wave Linus family heir, don't care about the first a 500 million bet right, and just the Chinese currency, and not the euro. "Next to a palm girl smile way. The European Union countries DiSen William Iraq, the challenge from the Chinese nation of ! Bets 5 b Chinese currency! The news spread through training camp as rapidly as the whirlwind, 5 b bet, and is to bully people! These two points, make 31 many students are all day to nine heavy floor. At noon on March 31 at 11 1 points. Nine heavy building, the ninth floor. beats headphones for sale About 40 or 50 names gather in this, the European Union countries school of, also have the, the Chinese nation, the Soviet union... anyhow, six factions are someone came to. Even this year just to join the other a group of students training camp, also cast over. They also someone had deficient." 4 b the Chinese currency, is not 4 more than rubles? The best bet is really large. "" don't know, or the man from William from. "Two big nose white youths in a whisper over there, listening to their language, looks know it's from Russia. Today the world's major currencies, the earth's currency is equal to a 3. 5 Chinese currency, equal to: three rubles." William DiSen Iraq, , into the challenge room! A voice echoed in the ninth floor in the hall. , William two each other one eye, in the room and challenge. "William, beat the little." Candice wave Linus shouted. ", must beat him to death. Win, the teacher elder sister to do that." In the ZhaoRe also shouted, many students are all inThen a knife!  is by degrees, the opportunity is sticking to a sword, didn't get a chance to flash it immediately. After a knife! After all, the theory of real knife method jianfa of state,  also now oneself still really and this William sent far away. Funt; William anger with a drink "yu... you, you have the skill, and I melee positive fight!" William spirit all spoke English, apparently freak......  this fighting method is very cunning, by degrees, knife method is of great power, Lei bully! Don't positive to fight. "Positive fight?" "Oops!" "I meet you!"  voice echoed in the stadium, originally  also in William left chop a knife. beats headphones for sale Suddenly  one foot on three consecutive, this can be a ghostly steps, had escaped the sword of William's relentless, William himself is slang was very: "how possibility?" Only feel a phantom misty, William know bad, because his vision has lost  within. Poof myself! Just A knife light over my William, good head cast fly. "Poof!" The blood spray, William body unable to fall down, pure red blood on the ground has the ragged plastic chair. "The challenge,  wins!" The voice echoed in the gymnasium, the gymnasium, a fuzzy, disappear completely. Silver alloy the earth, and the open challenge. , William all stand on it. "Impossible." William simply stared at  "I can't lose! I was elected to the mix of training camp, and the I have a year, it saw a year, almost every day I saw jianfa, body to force, and so on, strength improved a lot better than just come, how may lose to you this man?" "Yu lose!"  openings, William clenched fists. If is common notes and to lose just, but this one has attracted many students come over, the lose a face is lost, 2 it is...... Lost a large BiFa! 500 million the Chinese currency, the money, William lose also love dearly ah. "You've lost."  before looking at the William, couldn't help admire the way "I admit, in truth of the state, the knife method you indeed is higher than me a lot." Is high many! His strength is in degrees, opponents, but just can't win! Is because his own knife method is simple, the past  have thought I knife method are good, special match spirit psychic force, and add, in the wilderness area is really big kill the four winds, but also of a day and William than...... His knife method, can't and William than the sword. William's jianfa, like clouds flowing water, a recruit even a mentor, as if a general wave after wave of waves, direct force  have to return!

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Re: keep your accessories simple and match your dress.

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