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4 1/2 super thin cutting disc use safety warning?

4 1/2 super thin cutting disc require operators to take safety precautions before use to avoid accidents. What problems should users pay attention to when using them? Let me summarize it below.
1. The cutting piece is equipped with a protective device so that it can be cut safely, effectively protecting the operator.
2. Wear a face protection device that is easy to breathe to avoid inhaling excessive dust.
3. Do not wear loose clothes, so as not to be caught in the rotating cutting piece.
4. The cutting depth should be deeper than the material being cut.
5. Perform the cutting operation at its maximum speed.
6. Do not force the cutting piece to pass through the cut material and cut it evenly according to the sharpness of the cutting piece.

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Trace Michaels

Re: 4 1/2 super thin cutting disc use safety warning?

It is really important to follow the correct steps of using the machine. - Steven C Wyer

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