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After Breast Reconstruction Surgery - How To Get A Good Night's Sleep Health Articles | March 1, 2014
Breast reconstruction surgery can help you get your body back. It's a wonderful procedure that gets great results; but one downside is that you'll have to sleep propped up for a while. This article explains what you can expect and how to deal with it.

After breast reconstruction surgery, there'll be a period where you won't be able to sleep well. You'll have swelling and discomfort that will keep you awake at night. You'll also have doctor's orders that say you have to sleep on your back. This is something you've got to be well aware of before you get your breast reconstruction surgery. But what many women don't know is that there are some ideas and products that can really help.

How To Sleep

Although it's difficult to sleep at any time immediately after your breast reconstruction surgery Los Angeles Clippers Women's Jersey , it's especially difficult during the tissue expander process. Tissue expanders are not always used, but sometimes a doctor chooses to use one because it helps you 'grow' extra tissue for your implants. The tissue expander is a silicone balloon that the doctor fills. It makes it much easier to do the implantation successfully, but it makes things a little more painful for you.

Whether you use a tissue expander or not, your doctor will advise you to lie on your back with your upper back and head elevated. You'll have to do this until the swelling dies down and it will be anywhere from one to two weeks. When your doctor says you're ready Indiana Pacers Women's Jersey , you can start trying to sleep on your side. The doctor should give you the OK; you should also see how you feel. If it's still too painful to sleep on your side, spend several more nights on your back.

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