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Characteristics Of Grinding Wheel For Stainless Steel

Because grinding wheel for stainless steel manufacturing process determines the surface morphology is random, the geometry, distribution and cutting edge of each abrasive grain are inconsistent. Therefore, only a few high cutting edges are cut to the workpiece during grinding, which limits the grinding quality and further improves the grinding efficiency.
The sintered metal bond grinding wheel for stainless steel is mostly made of a metal such as bronze as a bonding agent and is manufactured by a high-temperature sintering method. The bonding strength is high, the formability is good, the high-temperature resistance, the thermal conductivity, and the wear resistance are good, the service life is long, and a large load can be withstood.
Because the grinding process of the grinding wheel inevitably has shrinkage and deformation, the grinding wheel must be shaped before use, but the dressing of the grinding wheel for stainless steel is difficult. The conventional grinding wheel-rolling method is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also the diamond particles fall off during the dressing process. The dressing wheel itself consumes a lot and the shaping precision is low.

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Richard Jones

Re: Characteristics Of Grinding Wheel For Stainless Steel

It is one of the most efficient machine in the industry today. - Green Water Technologies

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