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Printer sharing settings, and the solution can not be shared


The shared printer is most commonly used in office LAN, because under normal circumstances completely not necessary manpower. To solve a lot of problems in this regard, the recent record to facilitate future emergency.

First said printer sharing settings (in Windows XP, for example)

First have to install the driver, the printer is connected to the computer that is complete, go to Control Panel printer settings, right click in the need to share the printer on the "share" option to set the selected menu.

Followed by the other computers in the LAN to enable file and printer sharing protocol. This is very important, otherwise it is impossible to find a shared printer. The specific method is to find the right properties in the Network Neighborhood where local connection, install the protocol from the right attributes, remember to check "allow other users to access my files (F)" and to allow others to print to my printer (P) ".

Again for the LAN computer to add a network printer. Before being added, you must first install the driver, and then you can from the "Add Printer" wizard step by step down on it. Its path, you can manually enter the "\ \ ABC (computer name) \ HP1210 (printer name)" or "Browse" button to find the printer LAN Working Group.

Can not connect to a shared printer, the reason may be many, the most common is the second point of the above mentioned is not installed NWLink IPX / SPX / NetBIOS Compatible Transport Protocol agreement, the client computer could not find other work group LAN computer. Of course, there may be using a guest account login system can not see My Network Places. If you can use the Network Neighborhood, but there can only see the Microsoft Windows Network, but can not find someone else to share the printer, there may be attached the printer computer's local connection there to enable the Internet Connection Firewall ", to cancel can.

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Thomas Worth

Re: Printer sharing settings, and the solution can not be shared

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