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Operation and maintenance of 4 inches China grinding disc factory?

With the expansion of import and export, China's grinding discs have been sold all over the world, and are also welcomed by many overseas customers. Users who have purchased Chinese grinding discs will ask a question, that is, the operation and maintenance of the grinding disc. Today is [url= https://www.auroraabrasive.com/4-inches … c-tools/]4 inches China grinding disc factory[/url] Aurora abrasives will come to explain to you about the operation and maintenance of Chinese grinding discs.
The grinding disc has a double cooling system of wind and water, so that the machine does not heat for a long time. It is better to use well water when it is hot in summer. When it is frozen in winter, after the machine is stopped, the water in the water pipe is completely discharged, so as to prevent the water pipe from freezing, according to the correct Operation process, the machine does not need to replace parts within one year, the bearing often adds some high temperature resistant butter, which greatly increases the service life of the bearing.
Only by striving for operation and maintenance, can we use the grinding disc better and extend the service life of the grinding disc. I hope the above methods can help everyone.

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Re: Operation and maintenance of 4 inches China grinding disc factory?

This has been a beneficial development of the industry. - Steven C Wyer

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