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115*1*22 cutting disc replacement process precautions?

After the cutting piece is used for a period of time, it will be replaced to ensure the production efficiency of the cutting piece and the sharpness of the blade. What should be paid attention to during the replacement of the 115*1*22 cutting disc? Let's analyze it for everyone.
(1), the problem of wear of the cutting piece: any cutting piece has its own wear requirements, and the wear condition must be replaced with a new one. It is not necessary to use excessive wear in order to save materials. This is a very unsafe violation. It is generally stipulated that new ones should be replaced when the cutting piece is worn to a diameter 10 mm larger than the diameter of the chuck.
(2), the validity period of the cutting piece: the new grinding wheel from the warehouse is not necessarily qualified for the grinding wheel, and even the new one from the manufacturer is not necessarily qualified. Any cutting piece has a certain expiration date and is used within the effective period. It is qualified; if it is used beyond the expiration date, it is not necessarily qualified. 

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Re: 115*1*22 cutting disc replacement process precautions?

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Re: 115*1*22 cutting disc replacement process precautions?

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