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Cutting tips

The balancing experiment of the cutting piece is necessary. Whether the new cutting piece is put into use before it is first put into use or if the cutting piece is unbalanced, it needs to be balanced in time. There are two methods for balancing resin cut sheets: dynamic balance method and static balance method.
1. Dynamic balance method. The method directly displays the unbalance amount of the cutting blade device during rotation by means of a sensor mounted on the machine tool, and the imbalance amount is controlled to a minimum by adjusting the position and distance of the balancing block.
2. Static balance method. The static balance adjustment is carried out on the balance frame. The center of gravity of the cutting piece is manually determined, the balance block is added, and the position of the balance block is adjusted until the cutting piece is balanced, and the cutting piece can be balanced in eight orientations.
By mastering the above two methods, there is no longer any need to worry about the loss of the resin cutting piece due to the imbalance.
Method for mirror processing of stainless steel using a cutting piece
The China cutting disc for metal is the largest amount and the most widely used one. It can be coarsely ground or semi-finished on the outer circle, inner circle, plane and various profiles of metal or non-metal workpieces. And fine grinding as well as grooving and cutting. When mirroring stainless steel, the cutting piece is an abrasive tool that must be used. The process of using stainless steel mirrors for cutting surfaces is as follows:
Rough grinding: The thinning work is carried out by the iron plate. If the flatness of the product is poor, it is necessary to grind a certain size to reach a plane. Therefore, there are several points to be considered in the selection of the synthetic iron plate, which is the reason why the iron plate has higher hardness and better cutting force.
Rough throw: The process of rough throwing and leading. In this process, the pressure is first, the weight is too light, and the trace of the iron plate cannot be thrown at all. The specific weight depends on the hardness of the workpiece. Then this product has a lead angle, then you need to put a soft skin under the white cloth, which helps the lead angle, but the soft skin can not be too soft. Then the choice of liquid, this process is also the most important, polishing this process, then the steps to success from this product are also accelerated.
Fine polishing: Although the requirements of fine polishing are not too difficult, they are not easy to ignore. This process is easy to scratch the product, so the quality of the polishing skin and the polishing liquid must be guaranteed; then the sanitary conditions require the employees to do the maintenance work.
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Re: Cutting tips

These tips really work and effective in the process. - Steven C Wyer

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