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In California Cheap New Orleans Pelicans Jerseys , the switch to synthetic surfaces for horse racing tracks is complete. The assessment of this change, however, is still underway.

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The California Horse Racing Board Requires California Tracks To Install Engineered Surfaces

Those championing the use of engineered surfaces found a powerful ally in the California Horse Racing Board (CHRB). In May of 2006 Cheap Milwaukee Bucks Jerseys , the CHRB announced its mandate. In a press release, the board declared that by January 1 2008, ?No racing association that operates four weeks of continuous Thoroughbred racing in a calendar year shall be licensed to conduct a horse racing meeting at a facility that has not installed a polymer synthetic type racing surface.?

The purpose of this decree, which would require all of California?s major tracks to switch from dirt to engineered surfaces Cheap Miami Heat Jerseys , was to reduce injuries.

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Faced with the threat of losing their licenses if they did not comply, the tracks made the transition.

Hollywood Park Selects Cushion Track

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