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by Maria Spiliopoulou

ATHENS, Jan. 27 (Xinhua) -- The ruling by Greece's Supreme Court, which rejected Ankara's extradition request for eight Turkish servicemen, are binding, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said on Friday.

Tsipras made the remarks in response to Ankara's protests to the rejection of the extradition request for the eight servicemen, who fled to Greece after the failed coup attempt of July 15 last year.

"In Greece, the sole authority responsible for relevant judgments is the independent Greek justice whose verdicts are self-evidently binding," Tsipras said.

At the end of a marathon legal battle, the Greek Supreme Court ruled on Thursday against the extradition request "regardless of their degree of guilt or the seriousness of their offences", citing concern their human rights may be violated.

For Ankara, the eight servicemen are "traitors" who were involved in the coup attempt.

The officers have denied any role in the coup attempt and requested asylum, claiming their safety would be in danger in Turkey and they would not face a fair trial.

Under Greek law, the Supreme Court's decision is final and irreversible.

"The Greek government unequivocally condemned, from the first moment, the coup attempt and supported the democratically-elected government, as well as the compliance with constitutional legality in our neighboring country," read a statement issued by Tsipras' office.

According to media reports, the Turkish side has been angered by the decision. The Turkish foreign ministry said the ties between the two countries would be reviewed.

Turkey would "use all avenues of law" to make sure the soldiers' extradition and prosecution, it added.

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