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Selection and use of diamond wheel binder

The binder is a diamond particle consolidation material on the surface of 4.5 inches grinding wheel. The effect of the binder on tool life and processing capacity. Therefore, a reasonable choice of binder is important to improve efficiency and surface quality of the part. At present, there are four types at home and abroad: resin binder, a ceramic binder of the binder, metal bond, electroplating C } 70. Because of the higher the spindle speed of high-precision CNC machine tools, the surface quality of optical materials is also guaranteed, so bronze The choice of the metal bond is used as the binder material.

   Although there are some shortcomings in the use of bronze binders, measures can be taken to solve them. When the self-sharpness is worse or no longer has the milling ability, the diamond 4.5 inches grinding wheel can be put into the strong acid salt for treatment, the processing time is 10 min^}15 min, and the treated diamond 4.5 inches grinding wheel can be used continuously. During the grinding process, the position of the coolant nozzle is adjusted, so that a large amount of coolant flows through the processing area, and the heat is quickly taken away, thereby causing the temperature of the processing zone to decrease.

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Andrew Miller

Re: Selection and use of diamond wheel binder

The machine plays a very important part in the industry. - Steven Wyer

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