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Environmental requirements for ultra-fine abrasives

The classification of China abrasive tools for metal is particularly important in the production process, and it is even possible to set up separate workshops or areas for separate production, thus largely avoiding the confusion of different particle sizes of abrasives. Also easy to overlook is room temperature. Micro-powder grade grinders are very sensitive to changes in temperature. Usually, there are more than ten degrees of temperature difference between day and night, and the temperature difference between winter and summer is 20 or 30 degrees. Such a large temperature difference has a great influence on the quality of abrasive grinding disc tools. Therefore, precise control and control of temperature is also an indispensable link.

  The working environment has a great influence on the production of micro-powder grade abrasives, which is easily overlooked. In the production process, always maintain a clean and tidy working environment. In the production process, once the course and fine grain size abrasives of different particle sizes are confused, it is difficult for the naked eye to detect. However, in the process of using the processed workpiece, the scratching of the workpiece may occur, and the abrasive article and the workpiece to be processed may be scrapped. Therefore, clean up at any time, keep the working environment, China abrasive tools for metal and equipment clean and tidy, and specialize in special planes.

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Trace Michaels

Re: Environmental requirements for ultra-fine abrasives

The environmental requirements need to be followed accordingly. - Steven Wyer

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