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Knowledge about wheel handling and storage

180*6*22mm metal grinding disc is widely used in machining applications, so we hereby intensify some knowledge about the handling and storage of grinding wheels. The grinding discs avoid vibration and shock during the process from production to use. The following are the grinding wheels for the first grinding wheel factory. Several points to note about handling and storage.

  The principle of using 180*6*22mm metal grinding disc is the same as that of other products. The principle of keeping the first in, first out, the surface of the grinding wheel with the characteristics of the grinding wheel and the safe speed should not be smeared or damaged at will, so as to avoid confusion.

  180*6*22mm metal grinding disc belongs to large-volume production and cannot be used for current production. Therefore, the grinding wheel that has been produced should not be stored for more than the effective period of the grinding wheel. Some grinding wheels, such as diamond grinding wheels, are made of resin and rubber bonding agent. From the date of leaving the factory, if the storage time exceeds one year, it must be passed after passing the test.

  Finally, 180*6*22mm metal grinding disc cannot be subjected to strong vibration and impact during handling and storage. It is not allowed to roll the grinding wheel during transportation to avoid cracks and surface damage. The storage place of the diamond grinding wheel should be kept dry and the temperature is suitable to avoid mixing with other chemicals. The wheel is damp, low temperature, overheated and attacked by harmful chemicals to reduce the strength.

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Chris Taylor

Re: Knowledge about wheel handling and storage

We can really learn an important idea to understand the uses of the machine. - Paul Savramis

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