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Reasons and solutions for the breakdown of grinding wheels (Part Two)

Yesterday, we learned about some of the reasons for the use of high efficient metal abrasive disc rupture and solutions, there is a part of the remaining did not understand, today, we continue to understand the rest of the content!

1. Side grinding with unsuitable grinding wheels.
When using grinding wheels other than side high efficient metal abrasive discs, it is necessary to use grinding wheels (bowl-shaped wheels, etc.) for side grinding.

2. The change of grinding wheel quality.
Problem: When the high efficient metal abrasive disc meets the flood or the fire, the resin bond, the rubber bond grinding wheel and so on must raise the quality change.
Solution: To confirm the way of the grinding wheel entering, to keep the grinding wheel correctly, we should consider the manufacturing date of the grinding wheel, and strictly carry out the inspection before use.

3. Irregular failure
Problem: the quality of the high efficient metal abrasive disc is not good; the wheel is pressed by the heavy matter; the unreasonable installation of the grinding wheel.
Solution: To ensure product quality, enter the inspection to study its condition in detail and prohibit heavy objects to be pressed on the grinding wheel to install smoothly and smoothly.

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Mike Watson

Re: Reasons and solutions for the breakdown of grinding wheels (Part Two)

The materials are effective in the process and widely used in the industry. - Marla Ahlgrimm

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