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The advantages of electroplated diamond

fast cheap metal grinding discs are:
The plating process is simple, the investment is few, and the manufacturing is convenient.
No need to be trimmed and used conveniently.
The single layer structure determines that it can achieve a high speed of work. At present, it has reached 250 ~ 300m/s abroad.
Although there is only one layer of diamond, there is still enough life.
Electroplating is the only way to manufacture wheels and wheels with high accuracy.

Because of these advantages, electroplated fast cheap metal grinding disc plays an indisputable leading role in high-speed and ultra-high-speed grinding.

Defects of electroplated diamond grinding wheels: there is no strong chemical metallurgical bonding between the coated metal and the substrate and the abrasive, and the abrasive is only embedded in the coated metal mechanically, so the grinding force is small, and the diamond particles are easy to fall off (or the coatings peel off) in high-efficiency grinding with heavy load. The overall failure.

In order to increase the holding force, it is necessary to increase the thickness of the coating. As a result, the exposed height of the abrasive grains and the space of the chip are reduced, the fast cheap metal grinding disc is easy to be blocked, the heat dissipation effect is poor, and the surface of the workpiece is easy to be burned. At present, the domestic electroplated grinding wheel manufacturing has not yet achieved the optimal design of the grinding wheel according to the requirements of processing conditions. These inherent drawbacks of single-layer electroplated diamond grinding wheel will greatly limit its application in high-efficiency grinding.

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Helen Styles

Re: The advantages of electroplated diamond

The equipment is very useful in the operation and its capacity is really efficient. - Steve Wyer

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