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With hope vanishing, Wang took her puppy to

by Eric J. Lyman

ROME air jordan 11 midnight navy , July 25 (Xinhua) -- More than 40 corruption convictions in recent high-profile "Mafia Capitale" case are part of an endemic problem that could beleaguer the leadership in Rome for years, analysts told Xinhua.

The two headline arrests in the trial were Massimo Carminati and Salvatore Buzzi, who were found guilty of using intimidation and bribery to win city contracts worth millions of euros. The bogus contracts were for recycling and trash collection, park maintenance, building refugee centers, and other municipal services.

The arrests of Carminati and Buzzi and more than 40 other contractors and former city officials started in 2014. Known collectively as the "Mafia Capitale" -- Italian for "the Capital's Mafia" -- every member was found guilty at trial earlier this month.

But analysts told Xinhua the arrests were unlikely to end the endemic corruption in the Italian capital. "This problem has deep roots and it can't be solved easily, even with a series of arrests," Oreste Massari, a political scientist with Rome's La Sapienza University and a frequent commentator on corruption issues, said in an interview.

Massari said the problem mushroomed during the period when Gianni Alemanno was Rome's mayor, from 2008 to 2013, and Alemanno's two successors -- Ignazio Marino, who was mayor from 2013 to 2015, and Virginia Raggi, mayor since 2016 -- have been mostly unsuccessful in curbing the problem.

"Marino tried but was able to accomplish very little," Massari said. "Raggi put her people in place but they have been ineffective against such an entrenched, powerful group of corrupt officials."

Massari said the problem was likely to be a headache for Raggi's successor and probably the next mayor as well."I think someone strong has to make this their top priority, otherwise it'll just continue," he said.

Massari's views were echoed by some in the local media, but Antonio La Spina, a sociologist with LUISS University in Rome, said Raggi's difficulties in confronting corruption in the city government comes from the fact that she has to confront so many problems at once.

"As mayor, Raggi has many problems (to handle) and the Mafia Capitale is one of them," La Spina told Xinhua. "There's a water problem in Rome, a waste problem, budget issues. Being the mayor of Rome is too complex to focus on just one issue.

Prosecutors appear to agree, alleging that Carminati, Buzzi, and the others were part of a vast syndicate that used Mafia-style tactics to undermine the city's services and contracts across the various municipal entities.

But one drawback for those looking to root out the corruption problems is that the convictions stopped short of finding a connection between the Mafia Capitale group and actual organized crime families that control much of southern Italy.

It would have been the first time a link was established between municipal corruption in Rome and crime families. If such a connection had been established, it would have also meant bigger penalties for those convicted, making it easier to prosecute suspected accomplices in the future.

Prosecutors asked for Carminati and Buzzi to be sentenced to 28 and 26 years in prison, respectively. Instead, the sentences were for 20 and 19 years.

"The sentences were strong but the whole trial was about the central questions: 'Was this the Mafia or not?'," Ippolita Naso, Carminati's attorney told reporters. "In the end, the decision proves this was not the Mafia."

Chinese research vessel "Kexue" conducts operation in South China Sea

Rescue drill held in E China's Yichun

Volunteer activities enrich left-behind children's summer vacation

Tourists view lotus flowers in N China

Chinese research vessel "Kexue" conducts operation in South China Sea

Amazing scenery of Barkol grassland in Xinjiang

Highlights of Int'l Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2017 in Zhukovsky, Russia

People enjoy lotus flowers at Xihu Park

SHANGHAI, Aug. 31 (Xinhua) -- Acupuncture, the traditional Chinese therapy in which needles are inserted into points on the human body, has found a new market: pets.

A pet clinic in Shanghai caused a stir recently by using acupuncture to help paralyzed pets such as dogs and cats.

Guoguo Little Animal Neurology and Acupuncture Health Center, in Minhang district, opened about five years ago.

Jin Rishan, a vet at the center, said he learned about animal acupuncture in the Republic of Korea (ROK). He opened the clinic with the help of two others, and imported equipment from the ROK at a cost of 3,800 yuan (576 U.S. dollars).

"I receive up to 20 pets on a daily basis," Jin said. "The pets are mostly dogs and cats, but there are also other species, like rabbits. Once there was even a marten."

In Jin's center, equipment such as disposable acupuncture needles, electric acupuncture apparatus and infrared physiotherapy lamps can be seen in operation.

Puppies are usually strapped on the apparatus, and silver needles are inserted into their backs, legs and faces, while electric wires are attached to their bodies.

A course of acupuncture treatment consisting of ten sessions costs 220 yuan, while oral Chinese medical powder costs up to 90 yuan per day. If owners prefer to let their pets stay in the clinic, there are extra costs.

Jin said the clinic had treated more than 2,000 pets.

For Wang, the clinic offered hope for her four-month-old dog "Little Sister," which was paralyzed after an accident two months ago.

"Vets in other pet clinics told me that my dog could not be healed, and that the only way to help her feel less pain was euthanasia," Wang said. "She could not move or eat at all at first, and I had to give her liquid via needle tubes."

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Re: With hope vanishing, Wang took her puppy to

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Re: With hope vanishing, Wang took her puppy to

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Re: With hope vanishing, Wang took her puppy to

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