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HOHHOT nike cortez danmark , July 6 (Xinhua) -- Bai Li steps off stage and flashes a big smile, her traditional costume sparkling under the sun as she takes a break from her dance routine.

"It is very difficult to sing in my ethnic language and to dance in these clothes, but it's worth it because the audience has embraced my culture," Bai, an Orogen minority told Xinhua after a performance organized by the Morigen Troupe for the Performing Arts of Orogen.

The troupe is part of ongoing efforts to save the distinctive culture of the Oroqen ethnic minority in north and northwestern China, dubbed "China's last hunting ethnic minority" nike air huarache tilbud , as younger generations shift away from tradition.

On Sunday, officials with the Orogen Autonomous Banner in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region announced they will introduce measures to save the Orogen culture by developing cartoons in their language and resuming local ethnic shooting teams.

"We will also organize local Orogen people to manufacture ethnic handicrafts," said He Xueguang, deputy head of the autonomous banner.

It's a race against time, as the minority's culture is already facing extinction. Government statistics show that only 300-odd people within the banner can fluently speak the Orogen language, which has no written characters.

"These days nike air max 97 sort , almost all young Orogen people speak Chinese, and many of them cannot understand the Orogen language spoken by the older generation," Nei Shumei said, sighing with helplessness. The 71-year-old Orogen woman worries that as the situation becomes worse, the language of her people might fade into history.

He Liangang, an Orogen man in Inner Mongolia nike air max 97 blå , blames evolving life for the gradual loss of culture.

"We no longer live like our hunting ancestors, so there is no need to communicate or dress like they did," He, who wears jeans and a T-shirt, said in eloquent Chinese.

To contain the trend of extinction, Inner Mogolia's Guli Township formed the Morigen Troupe for the Performing Arts of Orogen in April last year nike air max 97 hvid , with Bai Li as the head. The troupe incorporates the traditional Orogen songs and dance numbers, as well as presenting ethnic clothes when members perform in various venues.

"So far our troupe has recruited more than 20 members, the oldest being 68 and the youngest 12," said Bai, who doubles as the township head. Bai said the troupe staged 20 performances in the latter half of 2014, with each member earning more than 4 vans slip on hvid ,000 yuan (644 U.S. dollars). But she said her troupe is not about making money, rather its about passing on the culture of the Orogen people.

"Orogen culture is very unique," Bai said. "As a part of the ethnic group, it is our responsibility to bring it back to life."

DHAKA, July 17 (Xinhua) -- Bangladeshi experts has said that Japan's security bills will bring new complications into global and regional politics as the country seeks to play an aggressive role to counter the existing regional order.

Their comments came after Japan's ruling coalition led by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe rammed through the controversial security bills that will expand the role of the country's Self-Defense Forces (SDF) in the all-powerful lower house of the nation's Diet amid strong public opposition.

The bills also show that Japan eyes China's existing role in this region as a threat, and will escalate arms race and strengthen militarization in Asia vans slip on tilbud , they said.

Shahab Enam Khan, chairman of the Department of International Relations at Jahangirnagar University, told Xinhua Thursday that Japan's move will have a significant toll on Asian politics.

"It will also have a great impact on Japanese domestic politics and society," he said. "Abe has already taken a political risk at his home ground, what is yet to be seen how the regional powers would respond to this."

"This will certainly escalate arms race and strengthen militarization in Asia. The opposition as well as a significant portion of the society will not welcome it," he said.

The rammed passage of the bills followed an over 100 vans toy story danmark ,000-strong protest around the Diet building after the bills were passed in a special committee at the lower house on Wednesday.

The latest poll released Tuesday by the Asahi Shimbun showed that about 56 percent of the Japanese population opposed the bills, while only 26 percent showed their support. About 80 percent of the Japanese people said the government does not sufficiently explain on the bills.

Akmal Hussain, an international expert and former professor of international relations at Dhaka University, said "Nowadays Japan is an economic power and that's why they want to play a political role in the global politics and are seeking a post in (the U.N.) security council for the past few years."

Japan's belief that it should play a role in Asia will break the prevailing regional order, he said.

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