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Some of the things you will be taught in this book is that by promoting the self-feeding ability of your soil it is possible to ensure consistent results. And just how you simply won’t repulse your neighbors with the odor, while you are creating compost. You will additionally uncover the secret to getting colloidal humus every day, from your compost heap, without breaking your back through turning. Using the proper building technique air jordan 12 dark grey 2017 , worms will appear in your compost naturally. You can soon have dirt that you can dig in with your hands, and life-giving compost that will last a year, can be created in a single day. The colloidal humus compost functions like adhesive, in that it firmly binds the plant nutrients together.

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ACCRA, June 17 (Xinhua) -- The Ghana Police have arrested two Bulgarians for allegedly cloning Automated Teller Machines (ATM) cards.

Nikolay Petev Nedyalkov, 24, and Petar Petrov Yardanov, 33, allegedly succeeded in withdrawing money from accounts of the customers of some banks in the country.

The Director General of the Commissioner of Police (C-OP) Prosper Agblor told the media late Thursday that the two used the 'Gh-link Ghana's national ATM card platform to carry out their nefarious activities.

He said the cybercrime unit of the police service started investigating complaints it had received from affected banks in December 2015 about suspicious withdrawals from accounts of customers.

The vigilance of the staff of these banks and police investigations led to the arrest of the two suspects, he said.

"Preliminary investigations revealed that the data on the customers' ATM cards were harvested at the ATM farm at Korle-Bu(a suburb of the national capital). A visit to the ATM farm by the investigation team also revealed that most of the ATMS had no CCTV cameras installed; as such suspects could not be identified," Agblor disclosed.

Early June 2016, the police received a call from the Prudential Bank about an unauthorized withdrawal of 140 Ghana cedis or 35.44 U.S dollars from the account of a member of staff through an ATM at the bank's head office.

"Immediately, a team of experts was dispatched to examine the CCTV installed close to the ATM. A quick check from the CCTV footage revealed that a young white man on a motor bike had done that unauthorized withdrawal," Agblor revealed.

About two hours later, he said Nedyalkov was spotted on his motorbike at the Prudential Bank head office ATM and he was identified as the man who had been seen in the CCTV footage and so was arrested and handed over to the police.

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