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TORONTO Carlos Correa Astros Jersey , June 25 (Xinhua) --Toronto Stock Exchange, Canada's main stock market, rebounded Wednesday as the rally in energy and gold shares offset the negative impact of the revised U.S. economic data for the first quarter.

The benchmark S&PTSX Composite Index of the bourse added 12.28 points Nolan Ryan Astros Jersey , or 0.08 percent, to 14,974.65 points on the closing bell Craig Biggio Astros Jersey , following an almost one percent decline Monday.

The market sentiment was weighed in the midday trading as the U. S. economy shrank at an annual rate of 2.9 percent in the first quarter, the worst performance in five years, according to the third estimate released by the Commerce Department Wednesday.

Analysts believed the data may be negative to Canada's economy Jeff Bagwell Astros Jersey , especially the exports to the U.S.

But the Canadian stock market regained rising momentum as the chaos in Iraq helped push up the energy and gold prices, and also lift the energy and gold shares.

The energy sector was up 0.17 percent. Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. was up 0.63 percent to 48.25 Canadian dollars ( about 44.87 U.S. dollars), and Suncor Energy Inc. advanced 0.27 percent to 44.70 Canadian dollars.

S&PTSX Global Gold Index moved up 0.54 percent after diving 2. 77 percent Monday. Most of the leading companies were in the green again Authentic J. R. Richard Jersey , with Barrick Gold Corp. up 0.16 percent to 19.07 Canadian dollars a share and Yamana Gold Inc. rising 1.37 percent to 8.89 Canadian dollars.

The health care sector, however, logged the biggest gain by 1. 16 percent among the eight most weighed sectors in TSX. The drug maker Valeant jumped 4.27 percent to 134.93 Canadian dollars and Extendicare Inc. increased 0.27 percent to 7.41 Canadian dollars.

The mining sector lost 1.56 percent Authentic Carlos Lee Jersey , leading the losers, with Teck Resources Ltd. shrinking 1.29 percent to 23.63 Canadian dollars per share, and First Quantum Minerals Ltd. down 0.09 percent to 22.10 Canadian dollars.

Canada's traditional sector Industrials ticked up 0.31 percent after the country's Bombardier Inc. announced Wednesday that it has received certification from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for its Challenger 350 business aircraft. The aircraft and railway maker moved up 0.26 percent to 3.81 Canadian dollars a share.

On the currency front Authentic Roy Oswalt Jersey , the Canadian dollar Wednesday climbed to 0.9327 U.S. dollar from 0.9308 U.S. dollar Tuesday.

BEIJING, July 13 (Xinhua) -- China successfully carried out test flights on two new airports on the Nansha Islands in the South China Sea on Wednesday, further enhancing its capability to provide public services as a responsible player in the region.

Together with the one on Yongshu Reef, the two airfields, respectively located on Meiji Reef and Zhubi Reef, bring tangible benefits to vessels sailing in and planes flying over the area, thanks to their convenient location in the middle of the vast water body.

While over 100,000 vessels across the world -- that is about 50 percent of the world's commercial shipping -- sail through the South China Sea every year, the region severely lacks the necessary infrastructure to ensure a safe passage.

Moreover, airports located in the middle of the sea that can accommodate large passenger jets can undoubtedly provide more options for aircraft if an emergency occurs, as the airspace above the sea is one of the world's most congested.

When Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 carrying 239 people went missing in March 2014, it took the rescue vessels and aircraft quite some time to arrive at the spots initially believed to be where the flight went missing in the vast sea. Land bases like Meiji Reef and Zhubi Reef could have significantly reduced the time it took the rescuers to arrive there.

In fact, China has traditionally been charged with providing public services on the Nansha Islands, such as radio stations, observations and lighthouses. And the country also conducts important search and rescue missions in the relatively enclosed sea.

Accordingly, its recent building activities on the Nansha Islands, including on Meiji Reef and Zhubi Reef, are only the natural extension of the efforts made by China to provide necessary service for vessels and sailors in the region.

As the award on a controversial arbitration over the China-Philippine territorial dispute was announced by an arbitral tribunal one day ago, Wednesday's test flights may be seen by some as a direct response to it.

But that is not true.

The timing of the test flights for the two airports was preset and independent of the unfounded arbitration. Since the test flights were made on reefs belonging to China, it was purely an internal matter for the country. Even if China were to test fly warplanes, doing so would still be within its legitimate rights.

What's more, the arbitration was nothing but a political farce perpetrated by the former Philippine government. The arbitral tribunal was practising outside of its jurisdiction, not to mention the fundamental factual and procedural errors it made during its handling of the case.

A null and void award naturally has no impact on China's actions.

Orlando - An American family's Disney vacation turned into a nightmare when an alligator snatched their two-year-old boy at the shore of a resort lake and the father was unable to pry the toddler from the animal's jaws, officials said Wednesday.

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There will be more  Jeff Bagwell Astros Jersey. - Phillip Elden

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Re: Nikolaj Ehlers Jets Jersey

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