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It’s important for all children to see the value in their own and others’ backgrounds and this toy reinforces this positive idea.

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ASUNCION, July 12 (Xinhua) -- One of the most bloody pages in Paraguay's recent history, the Curuguaty massacre, which generated a political earthquake, has closed its judicial chapter with the sentencing of 11 farmers in a controversial verdict.

The prison sentences for the farm workers, accused of killing six police in an incident that also claimed the lives of 11 farmers, range from four to 30 years.

From before the verdicts were made known, international human rights organizations described the judicial investigation as biased due to the fact that information was only gathered about the police deaths.

The Curuguaty massacre took place on June 15, 2012, during a police raid on the land known as Marina Cue in the northern department of Canindeyu, which had been occupied by around 100 "landless" farmers for about three weeks.

This incident triggered proceedings in the Senate to impeach then President Fernando Lugo and a few days later the president was removed from office as he was seen to be responsible for what happened in Curuguaty.


With the judges aware of the criticisms voiced during this oral and public trial, the accused were sentenced on Monday in the Paraguayan capital city of Asuncion.

Before reading the judgment, the judges assured that the verdict had been reached respecting both the National Constitution and the Criminal Procedure Code.

"As it is public knowledge, there were diverse conjectures, opinions, assessments, suppositions and misrepresentations from diverse sectors of society surrounding this trial," said Ramon Trinidad Zelaya, president of the Trial Court, according to reports from Asuncion.

The court sentenced farm workers Ruben Villalba and Luis Olmedo to 30 and 20 years in jail, respectively, for intentional aggravated homicide, invasion of property and criminal association.

According to the charges, Villalba had a shotgun and he was one of those responsible for firing the shots that killed the chief of the police operation, deputy commissioner Erven Lovera.

Another five farmers were charged with similar charges and received sentences from six up to 18 years in prison while eight others were sentenced to four years for lesser offences.

The verdict reading was interrupted by cries from family members and social activists inside Asuncion's courthouse.

Cries of "Injustice, injustice!" and shouts for "Freedom to the prisoners for fighting!" forced the judges to call recess.


Zelaya responded evasively when asked by journalists which pieces of evidence had led to the convictions, local daily ABC Color reported.

"We have judged based on the evidence shown to us. We are no longer in the questioning stage," said the president of the Trial Court in a limited response.

He was also questioned about the invasion of property convictions since the land belonged to the state.

"It was proved that they invaded the property with force and illegally," said Zelaya.

The 2,000 hectares of Marina Cue formed part of a land dispute between the Paraguayan government and the family of deceased politician Blas Riquelme, from the ruling Colorado Party.

When questioned about why Villalba received the longest sentence, Zelaya said "it was proved that he was the leader of the group."

He was also asked about why the accusations of torture and persecution reported by the farmers had not been investigated. However, Zelaya limited his response by saying that was a task for the Prosecutor's Office.


The trial's controversy was marked by the defence, since constant objections were presented which led to the start of the oral trial being postponed at least 14 times.

Social organizations and family members organized a vigil in front of the courthouse as well as a protest in the centre of Asuncion, demanding the freedom of the 11 farmers due to irregularities in the court case.

In a press release, the farmers' lawyers called for the .

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