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You should not get surprised on learning that a human being has millions of sweat glands Kareem Hunt Jersey , averaging about three million. These are housed in the lower layer of skin and the primary function of sweat glands is to regulate body temperature thru the process of releasing water secretions that get evaporated soon after being expelled from the body and on getting in touch with atmospheric conditions prevailing outside the body. And, as is too well known cooling is caused by evaporation, the water vapors in the form of sweat on getting evaporated keep the body cool. Apart from water, its main constituent Tanoh Kpassagnon Jersey , sweat also has a complex mixture of salts like bicarbonates of sodium and potassium, besides urea and calcium along with traces of amino acids.

Sweat glands are categorized into two, namely eccrine and apocrine. Both are controlled by human nervous system, which also controls other involuntary body movements including heartbeat and breathing etc.

But Patrick Mahomes II Jersey , quite often we come across people who seem to be sweating excessively. Surely, you have seen somebody sweating to the extent of having a wet collar, with sweat almost dripping down the scalp and face. It not a very pleasant sight, though! In medical terms Will Redmond Jersey , excessive sweating of the face is referred to as hyperhydrosis and continues to affect a sizeable part of population all over the world, not being confined to any specific geographical area. Hyperhydrosis is categorized into two: primary and secondary, also known as generalized sweating. Primary hyperhydrosis is experienced more often and is not the result of a particular physical activity, and remains localized. In most cases it is caused due inheritance and appears during teen years. However Sammy Watkins Jersey , in certain cases it is known to appear during early childhood or even during infancy. Such a condition is attributed to an overactive nervous system.

The other form, known as secondary or generalized hyperhidrosis refers to an increased production of sweat all over the body i.e. it is not localized like the primary kind described already. The causes for this kind of sweating are many and vary from person to person. So far, its exact cause has not been be ascertained but now it is known that genetic disorder is the principal cause of excessive perspiration. However, it has other known causes too Anthony Hitchens Jersey , and these include menopause, hyperthyroidism, infection, obesity and even psychiatric disorders.

What are the available treatments?

Botox t involves injecting Botulium toxin underneath the skin. This localizes the sweating but is long lasting. Primarily Breeland Speaks Jersey , it disenables nerve endings of the affected area from releasing sweat. It is most often practiced for underarm area or soles and palms.

Topical therapies ?Antiperspirants containing aluminum salts are very widely used for having a control over excessive sweating. Antiperspirants with aluminum chloride hexahydrate as the main constituent are considered to be the most effective.

Oral Medications ?A variety of pills available across the counter or thru prescriptions are available with each having its own formulation and side effects.

Tap Water Iontophoresis ?In case other treatments fail to give desired results, this alternative is applied. In this case direct current is used for injecting the skin with ionized medicines.
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