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Foreign ministry: diaoyu island's drop every tree and bush are not tra

Burberry Outlet Chinese vice foreign minister ZhangZhiJun 26 Chinese and foreign media briefing held, diaoyu islands and sino-japanese relations expounds China's stand and opinions, and answer questions. ZhangZhiJun stressed that Japan had no right to take the Chinese territory of any form of business, diaoyu island's drop, every tree and bush are not trading.

Diaoyu islands of the dispute is caused by Japan theft and grab

Discount Oakley Sunglasses ZhangZhiJun said, diaoyu island were, are, originally is not a problem, also does not exist any sovereign dispute. Because in 1895, Japanese theft and grab the diaoyu islands, there came the question, and formed a dispute. Whether from history or legal perspective, diaoyu islands is the immanent territory of China.

1972 years day rapprochement, both sides will be "the diaoyu island question put a put, subsequently to solve" come to an understanding and consensus. The Japanese government regardless of the Chinese side firmly opposed, announced the "buy" diaoyu islands, a serious violation of China's sovereignty, www.cheapnorthfacejacketswholesale.com/ give a sino-japanese relations has brought the normalization of diplomatic relations in 40 years of the most serious impact.

Diaoyu islands yield an inch of ground water, every tree and bush are not trading

ZhangZhiJun said, Japan had no right to take the Chinese territory of any form of business, diaoyu island's drop, every tree and bush are not trading. No matter what the form "purchase island", is a serious violation of China's sovereignty. The "purchase island" farce is Japan right wing forces deliberately provoke, the Japanese government to the forces invaded Chinese territorial sovereignty, sabotage sino-japanese relations way not only do not put a stop to it, but personally to "purchase island". Right-wing want to do, want to accomplish, and finally by the Japanese government's done.

Burberry sale For Japanese illegal "purchase island" behavior, the Chinese from the beginning would mean that the firmly opposed attitude. But the Japanese government to China's warning turn a deaf ear to, still go one's own way, made infringe upon China's sovereignty and territorial serious upgrade steps, aroused the Chinese four and more than Chinese people at home and abroad the strong indignation. The Chinese government adopted a series of resolutely strong measures to safeguard national territorial sovereignty. Japan had misjudged the situation, underestimate the Chinese government and people to safeguard national sovereignty and will and determination. Any foreign threats and pressure all don't shake of the Chinese government and people to safeguard national sovereignty and will.

If Japan cannot face history,www.thenorthfaceoutletwholesale.org/ in the moral and spiritual never stand up

ZhangZhiJun pointed out that Japanese right-wing forces dangerous political tendency will ever Asia into huge disaster. If not be stopped and will further embolden its arrogance, making the Japanese in dangerous road more walk more far. Such development bottom go to, the historical tragedy to happen again not impossible, it will not only the Asian and even the world into disaster, finally will also Japan's bane.

Burberry Scarf Japan since the invasion war to China the understanding of the nature is always secretive, some politicians stuck-up, no guilt and ChiRuGan into the yasukuni shrine, a bit does not scruple to Asian victimized country people's feelings. Japan in so doing, how can an Asia people's forgiveness, neighboring to Japanese how can you trust? If Japan cannot face history, profound introspection, thoroughly rectify one's errors, even if again on economy developed in moral and spiritual never stand up.

Consultation focus is to promote Japan to face up to reality, and take practical action to correct mistakes

ZhangZhiJun said, between China and through various channels and form the diaoyu island question keep contact and consultation. Both sides already on September 25,www.cheapoakleysunglassesv.org/  in Beijing launched two countries deputy foreign minister diaoyu islands problem consultation. The Chinese and Japanese in the all levels contact consultations serious shows that the Chinese government in the diaoyu islands on the question of the serious position and maintain national territorial sovereignty self-determination, urging Japan to recognize the situation, give up fantasy, to face up to reality, and take practical action to correct mistakes, can cause the relations between the two countries back on track.

China is getting along with Japan have a principle, have the bottom line

North Face Outlet ZhangZhiJun said that China has always advocated peace through dialogue talks to solve international disputes. China will not active ask for something, but also is not afraid of things. We are ready to work with all countries including Japan, friendly, but we have principle, the bottom line, on the country's sovereignty and territorial issues will never concede. The five principles of peaceful coexistence article 1 is "respect each other's sovereignty and territorial integrity". In the diaoyu island question, we hope that through negotiation dialogue to resolve the relevant issues properly, do not want to see the situation is out of control, but it does not depend on the Chinese side. Japan must treat the Chinese serious position and major concerns, stop all damage China's sovereignty and territorial behavior.

If someone in the territorial sovereignty problem challenge China's bottom line must make a strong response

cheap north face jackets ZhangZhiJun finally said, China has consistently pursues an independent foreign policy of peace, adhere to and adjacent for good, and neighbors of the good-neighborly and friendly policy, unswervingly follow the road of peaceful development, for regional peace, stability and development have made great contribution, and to maintain peace and development of Asia and the world to play a big positive role. But if someone in the territorial sovereignty problem challenge China's bottom line, we have no retreat, must make a strong reaction, to walk the road of peace and development stability remove interference and obstacles.

Recently, Japanese politics veiled with a stream of hawks shadow. Tokyo yesterday announced his resignation aid Mr Ishihara said will form new party, participate in the house of representatives election, return to Japan's political arena center; Foreign minister xuan YeGuang ichiro to Europe before lobbying Japan in the diaoyu islands on the question of the unreasonable claims, tried to pull other countries restrict China. At the same time, YeTian government frequently to the Chinese military display demonstration, cooperate in the diaoyu island question after the "never compromise" tough comments.

YeTian regardless of inside and outside opposition,www.burberryoutletwholesale.com/  persist in "never compromise" tough attitude, with his recent cabinet reshuffle is closely related to the right change. The main sign of him not avoid arousing suspicion, play is the American media called "super hawk" before the original honesty company as a very important "national strategic bear chancellor". So, YeTian, former original the two right-wing hawk politicians mastered Japanese internal and external strategic decision power, "hawk politics" in Japan and gradually will have its course.

The contemporary Japanese right-wing hawk is the main characteristics of militarism residual thought thick, negative Japanese invasion history of territorial disputes with neighbouring countries a tough attitude. YeTian and former original the "double eagle" is one of the typical representative.

North Face Outlet Online They are deeply militarism thought influence, and clings to a historical wrong not to put, and refuse to acknowledge the Japanese in the second world war of aggression crimes, for most of the Japanese war criminals cassation evocation. YeTian still trying to FuHuoRi its socialist countries make legal basis. Former principle argued that modify Japan's pacifist constitution, devise Japan into a war right "normal" country. In the diaoyu islands, YeTian fly in China revolt, the former original not only try to support YeTian tough stance to diaoyu island of China, also with extreme prejudice and hostility attitude, enthusiasm for "China threat theory", claiming that "China threat has become the facts", "in the face of China's military threat, Japan should take resolutely attitude", and accused China of "fake diaoyu island history".

People can not help but worry, "double eagle" will take Japan where to? Only one answer, that is only the Japanese to errors and dangerous road, the results more offensive affliction: long-term downturn of the Japanese economy will add insult to injury, In violation of international law, in neighbouring rough broadness provocative behavior that Japan's international reputation crash. But to YeTian personally, in order to gain personal political capital and vote, try to cater to blatant right wing forces, to kidnap the interests of the state, make Japan into a rare inside and outside recounted the dilemma. The result is "with his own petard", YeTian public approval ratings plummeted, from just came into power of 65% drop to less than twenty percent now.

cheap oakley sunglasses Japanese media will the country into some of the contemporary Japanese political figures voted "traitor", YeTian was awarded Japan "of the traitors". YeTian this want to extend the hawks strong democratic ruling time, but from now see, its inverse trend and moving hawkish policy may be in for the end of the party regime "dig grave"

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Re: Foreign ministry: diaoyu island's drop every tree and bush are not tra

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