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The Advantage of Wheel-Type Mobile Crusher

Wheel-Type mobile crushing station is a kind of commonly used equipment, in the gravel production, compared with traditional device, the significant characteristic of Mobile Crusher is mobile performance is different, can be very good to break the limitation of space, with the advantages of more, here is to introduce in detail, the machine in what are the advantages in the gravel production problems.

1. Strong mobility and integration of the whole set.
Mobile crusher length is short, the different crushing equipment respectively independent of installed in mobile chassis, short wheelbase, small turning radius, flexible in ordinary highway and areas, the integration of the equipment installation form, eliminates the fission components and complex site infrastructure installation work, cut down the consumption of materials, working hours, and compact unit and reasonable space layout, improve the flexibility of ground based;

2. The operating function is directly effective and flexible.
Wheel-Type Mobile crusher of integration can be used independently, can also according to customer the types of materials in the process, product requirements, providing a more flexible process configuration, meet the various requirements of users of mobile crushing, mobile screen classification, make production organization, logistics, transport more directly, greatly reduce the production inputs, the machine can not only according to the requirements of the different crushing process of "broken after the first screen", also can form "screen before breaking" process, also can be combined according to the actual demand into coarse crushing, finely crushing screening system, two pieces can be combined into coarse crushing, crusher, finely three stage crushing screening system, still can run independently, there is a great deal of flexibility, To meet more production needs;

3. High production capacity and low power consumption.
Wheel-Type Mobile crusher in gravel production line, the host by motor, v-belt drive main shaft, so that the internal parts of equipment operation, large chunks of material from the inlet into the crushing cavity, was break, high-speed movement of the parts in the process, material after broken loop, product quality is good, and it has large capacity, power consumption is low in production.

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Arthur Wayne

Re: The Advantage of Wheel-Type Mobile Crusher

The machine really plays the most important part. - Doug Battista

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