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Decoration waterproof precautions

Decoration waterproof precautions
There are quite a few water-repellent precautions for decoration, but it is not always clear to every owner who is preparing for the renovation. If the waterproofing works at home are not well done,lightweight waterproof building panels the consequences can be severe and can affect normal life. If the repairs are done, the amount of work can be quite a lot. Therefore, do not ignore the waterproofing project during the renovation, but also always understand the quality of waterproof construction Caixing.
One of the decoration waterproof notes
When you want to decorate, you have good waterproof effect. The quality of waterproof material must not be sloppy. Products with poor quality will have a huge impact on the entire project. In addition,exterior waterproof flooring cost in India in the use of waterproof material can not cut corners, for example, the waterproof coating of the bathroom is not thick enough, it may lead to the phenomenon of water seepage in the connected room.
Decoration waterproof note two
The bathroom is a place where water is often needed, so the grassroots must do well here. The construction requirements for the grass-roots level usually have to be up to no sand, no cracks, no flatness.waterproof wood sheet material The use of different decoration materials has different requirements for the wetness of the base surface, so be sure to make relevant preparations in advance when selecting materials. The waterproof layer can only be done after the buried pipeline is repaired. This process cannot be confused.
Decoration waterproof notes
Many households do a good job of waterproofing, and they still suffer from water leakage. This is due in large part to the fact that the waterproof coating is not thick enough. Usually this is a requirement for quality,aging green wpc wall cladding window waterproof and the thickness must not be less than 1.5mm. The amount of waterproof paint for a bathroom should be guaranteed to be not less than 2 kg per square meter to achieve the desired effect.

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