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the storms are strong

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The Orlando Climate is sub tropical. The weather tends to be warm and humid. The climate is influenced by several factors. The Gulf Stream and the city's proximity to the Tropic of Cancer affect the climate. The low elevation of the city adds to the humidity level. There are two basic seasons in Florida: a hot summer season and cooler winter season.

Orlando Climate in the Summer Season:
During the summer season, the weather is hot and humid. The average temperature during the day is in the nineties. At night, the temperatures range from the seventies to the eighties. The heat index during the day can get quite high. A heat index of over one hundred degrees is not uncommon.

The summer is also the rainy season in Florida. Storms are quite common, especially in the late afternoon. Most of these storms are caused by air from the Atlantic and air from the Gulf colliding over central Florida. At times, these storms can be quite violent. The storms often bring wind, thunder, lightening and hail. Orlando is known for more lightening strikes each year than any other city in the United States.

The rainfall during these storms can be very heavy. The months from June through September bring the most rain to Orlando. The average rain fall during these months is about fifty inches. In some years, this number is even higher. Often, the storms are strong, but short lived. You will usually be able to enjoy the evening outdoors after a storm. Unlike some areas of the country, the rain does not cool the temperature. Often the humidity is even higher just after a thunderstorm.

Hurricane season also occurs in the summer. The official hurricane season runs from June through November. Since Orlando is not on the coast, the city often escapes the brunt of the storm's landfall. By the time most storms reach the city, they have weakened considerably. However, this doesn't mean the city is safe from these strong and unpredictable storms. The city has sustained damage from several storms over the years.

Orlando Climate in the Winter Season:
In the winter, you will know why Florida is called The Sunshine State. There is very little rainfall during this season. Most days are dry and sunny. The weather in the winter really is beautiful. This is a fabulous time to plan a trip to Florida. Many tourists flock to the area during this season to escape the freezing temperatures in the northern part of the country.

The months of December through May are the driest months of the year. In some years, the weather is way too dry during the winter months. This increases the risk of wild fires in central Florida. In the past, these have gotten quite severe.

The temperatures in the winter season are very mild. The average daily temperature ranges from the mid sixties to the seventies. The night time temperatures are generally in the fifties. There is virtually no snow in the Orlando area. The few times there have been flurries, they don't accumulate. If you want to escape the winter, this is the place to come.


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