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President Obama is the new Cary Grant

Just think about it. President Obama is the new Cary Grant. He?s cool http://www.raidersrookiestore.com/Raide … ng-Jersey/ , calm, collected, smart, funny, handsome http://www.raidersrookiestore.com/Raide … io-Jersey/ , eloquent and well spoken. I wrote this on September 12 and yesterday Stephen Colbert called him ?the Meryl Streep of presidents.? So that means he can nail things in one take.

The similarities with Cary Grant don?t end there. Cary Grant was the ultimate in sexy sophistication. He dressed great, was athletic, and had a great smile. He defined ?Metro sexual? (before that term was invented) with his impeccable grooming and charm. On the silver screen, Cary Grant moved gracefully and knew his audience. He made everything look easy and natural.

He was the perfect man ? onscreen. You wanted to watch him and hear that great voice ? words just melted on his tongue. Both women and men loved Cary Grant, and according to a 2008 poll http://www.raidersrookiestore.com/Raide … da-Jersey/ , people still consider Cary Grant (who died in 1986) to be the most popular actor of all time. He moved across all socio economic, political and cultural lines ? everyone loved him ? men, women, minorities, young http://www.raidersrookiestore.com/Raide … ey-Jersey/ , old, rich and poor. Barack Obama is the first person to even come close as far as politicians are concerns. And, actors ? forget it ? even though I love George Clooney ? he is no Cary Grant!

Cary Grant?s career was a testament to Old Hollywood; he knew what he was good at. He did comedy, drama, satire and Alfred Hitchcock movies! President Obama inhabits all of those roles today and not always by choice. He also knows what he is good at and never strays from his convictions.

I have seen most http://www.raidersrookiestore.com/Raide … on-Jersey/ , if not all of Cary Grant?s movies. For those of you who share my Cary Grant obsession stay with me here. Can you imagine President Obama playing these Cary Grant characters: The bachelor in the ?Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer,? a guy who is accused of doing something he didn?t do and has to do penance by ?chaperoning? a 17 year old Shirley Temple who is infatuated with him. All the while seeming puzzled and finally morphing in to a good sport, goofing it up and winning the affection of Temple?s big sister who is a very smart, accomplished lawyerjudge ? played superbly by Myrna Loy.

President Obama could easily be Mr. Blandings, in ?Mr. Blandings Building His Dream House.? Cary Grant played that role with a dry wit that was his trademark http://www.raidersrookiestore.com/Raide … ff-Jersey/ , verbally sparring with his on screen wife, (again) Myrna Loy. The catastrophe of the home building, and the hilarity that ensued! That movie has one of the greatest comedic moments in film history when Myrna Loy has her ?infamous chat with the painters? on the paint colors she wants for each room. I can just see Michele Obama talking to the painters in the White House. The Blandings? even had two very smart little girls.

Grant embodied the international jewel thief in ?To Catch a Thief;? slinking from house to house over the rooftops, living la viva loca in the South of France and romancing Grace Kelly. Grant?s character never gave too much of himself away and was perfectly happy with who he was. There?s even a beach scene ? provocative at the time with Grant in a swim suit. Hawaii first family vacation anyone?

How about the Hitchcock thriller, North by Northwest? Just think about that one http://www.raidersrookiestore.com/Raide … es-Jersey/ , President Obama would be perfect as the man who is caught up in espionage because he is mistaken for a spy. He is chased around the country by mysterious characters, all the while meeting up with beautiful women and going to lavish parties while keeping his feet firmly planted on the ground and outfoxing the bad guys, not being duped by the beautiful woman, sticking to his story and eventually proving his innocence.

While Cary Grant?s personal life was fraught with strange behavior and failed marriages which he doesn?t share with our President, their childhoods were similar in other ways. They are both self made men. Cary Grant was born Archibald Cox http://www.raidersrookiestore.com/Raide … el-Jersey/ , dirt poor and joined the circus when he was 13 years old and became an acrobat. Grant had an absentee father who eventually abandoned his family, just like Barack Obama. He was so poor he went to work as a small child to help feed his mother. Barack Obama was raised by his mother and obviously had a much better childhood, he didn?t run from his past, but he did struggle with his mixed race identity and eventually came to terms with it. I don?t think Cary Grant did that until much later in life. But he did eventually get comfortable in his own skin and came to terms with who he was.

So there you have it. Archibald Leach became Cary Grant ? Barry Obama became President Barack Obama. They both own and embody their final monikers perfectly.
Surfing is a demanding and skillful sport enjoyed by people on beaches across the world. It requires using nothing but a board to be carried by the waves that are breaking on the beach. In order to really get up there on the waves, you must have not only the skill to do so http://www.raidersrookiestore.com/Raide … nn-Jersey/ , but also wave conditions that are perfect for surfing. Both of these are fairly hard to come by. This is what makes surfing such a challengingsport. But if you are able to get past these barriers, you will find that it is an exciting and rewarding pastime.

Out of all of the beaches in the world, a very small percentage of them frequently have waves that are ideal for surfing. This is why there are certain ?spots? that seem to attract a high number of surfers. If you are totally new to the sport, you will want to look for ?training beaches? that are fairly common across the world. In general, they have waves that are tamer and easier to handle for those who are new to surfing. If you ask around at local beach-side surfing shops http://www.raidersrookiestore.com/Raide … rr-Jersey/ , they can give you hints on locations that will be good places to start.

The first requirement of surfing is that you need to be an excellent swimmer. Though the surf board is b.

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