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'Mu Mu' indicates the cup game over the ghost over the red boil - do n

Jose Mourinho, World Coach Days of Manchester United are convinced that the Cup games against Sevilla and Brighton are more important to the team than the game that beat Liverpool on Saturday.

"Red Devils" managed to smash the "Reds" 2-1, and move the second position on the table firmly before the match, see Sevilla in the Champions League second match at Oldenburg. Tottenham Tuesday and FA Cup Final this Saturday.

Mourinho said: "Sevilla and Brighton are more important than Liverpool."

"Liverpool is Liverpool. It's a big game. It's a game with direct competitors for Top Four. But this is not settled yet.

"We still have 8 remaining 24 points to play."

"But Sevilla and Brighton are a dead-end game, so two games ahead are more important than the game."

Mourinho is not sure that Paul. I have to go back to the field after a problem during practice on Friday.

"I do not know (that's Tuesday)," said the Portuguese coach.

"He is now below. I will talk to him again. Injury? It was a clash of players at the last minute of practice (on Friday). "beer777

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Re: 'Mu Mu' indicates the cup game over the ghost over the red boil - do n

A lot of people are loving the Jose Mourinho. - Green Water Technologies

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Re: 'Mu Mu' indicates the cup game over the ghost over the red boil - do n

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Re: 'Mu Mu' indicates the cup game over the ghost over the red boil - do n

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Re: 'Mu Mu' indicates the cup game over the ghost over the red boil - do n

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