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by Bedah Mengo

NAIROBI Detroit Lions Authentic Jersey , Dec. 4 (Xinhua) -- When Dec. 1 approached, Nairobi resident George Ogundi was a worried man.

The Kenya government had declared the day as the deadline for the switch from cash to cashless fare payment system. All public transport vehicles were expected to use payment cards starting that day.

Ogundi, an artisan, was worried that he would be locked out of the public transport system because he had not acquired the card.

The construction worker, who is currently working at a site in Umoja on the east of Nairobi, said he had not acquired the card because he does not have the money to load in.

"I am usually paid 4.4 U.S. dollars per day. It is from this money that I get my fare to and from Kayole where I live, and other basic needs that include rent and food for my two children Denver Broncos Authentic Jersey ," he recounted on Wednesday.

According to Ogundi, he uses at most 0.67 dollars on fare each day, and the rest on his family.

"Once I have deducted my expenses, I normally remain with 1.6 dollars that I keep for emergency or any other need that arises. Is this the money the government wants me to load in a card so that I can use as fare?" he posed.

Ogundi ruled out such a thing, noting that he may put the money in the card, but if he gets an emergency, he cannot use it for any other purpose. And that is not the only reason why he is not enthusiastic about the fare payment card.

"I have to use mobile money to load money in the card Dallas Cowboys Authentic Jersey , which means extra charges. If I want to load, for instance, 1.1 dollars, I would certainly end up with less," he said. "Who wants to lose money because of the multiple transactions. I would rather stick with cash."

His sentiments capture the dilemma of thousands of other low- income earners in the East African nation, who are the largest users of matatu, or public transport minibuses. They include masons Cleveland Browns Authentic Jersey , vegetable, clothes and food vendors, security guards and hundreds of casual workers in different firms in the city.

Majority of these people earn an average of 111 dollars in a month or 3.3 dollars in a day, which can barely afford them decent living.

"Should I worry about what my family will eat or what I will pay for fare? Cashless fare card cannot work with us because we do not have extra income to spare," said vegetable seller Caroline Mutuku, adding that she does not travel regularly, thus Cincinnati Bengals Authentic Jersey , it does not make sense for her to put money in the card.

However, it is not only low-income earners who are worried about the cards. Office worker Paul Magomere said his concern was how he was going to load cash for his four school going children, two who are in college, one in a secondary day school and the other in Class Seven.

"Using the cashless system meant that I had to get six payment cards, including one for my wife. Getting them was not the problem, the challenge for me was loading cash in advance. I was not enthusiastic about the system," said the government worker.

Bernard Mwaso of Edell IT Solution in Nairobi acknowledged that implementation of the cashless fare payment system would be uphill task in Kenya because of low incomes.

"People with higher incomes will find it convenient to use the cards because their earnings allow them to make budgets and set aside cash for fare. But for low-income earners Chicago Bears Authentic Jersey , the cashless system is not sweet music," he said.

Mwaso advised the government should let the cashless system run alongside the cash system, and as incomes grow and people see the benefits, they would adopt it, even if it is 10 years later.

There has been a trend in business services in the 20th century. Professional services have gone from highly specialized and differentiated industries, to highly specialized integrated services in an industry in the span of 50 years.

Advertising is a good example of this, in the early 50?s advertising and its agencies only concentrated their efforts on print media Carolina Panthers Authentic Jersey , radio and TV. They would shun other types of media because advertising was defined as such.

As consumers and business matured, however, this highly specialized world did not fit the needs of clients. Soon agencies began to offer PR consultants, media experts, research services, even online SEO and social media services.

This trend carries over today in services like Dallas printing. Not only does Dallas printing offer the traditional expectations of a printer, but offers further services such as: design consultation Buffalo Bills Authentic Jersey , typesetting, prepress, and color correction.

Their full service operation offers those who are unfamiliar with proper and quality design and layout, the opportunity to create a professional document without much research and outsourcing on their end.
Dallas printing truly idealizes the movement in professional services toward blending of industries in a business to create ?one stop shops.?

The more you can do for the consumer, the more you can take out of their hands, the better of you?ll be. The ever changing need of the consumer, and heavy competition from equally capable competitors Baltimore Ravens Authentic Jersey , requires constant innovation and creativity to better services, and expand options for your customer.
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