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by Jamil Bhatti

ISLAMABAD, Sept. 11 (Xinhua) -- The recent emergence of a number of highly educated Pakistanis who were involved in extremist and terrorist activities has rung alarm bells in the power corridors of Pakistan.

Last week, law enforcement agencies busted an independent terrorist group Ansar-ul-Sharia Pakistan (the supporters of Islamic law in Pakistan) http://www.fussballtrikotschweiz.ch/xhe … rikot.html , which comprises 10 to 12 highly educated people in the country's southern port city of Karachi.

According to police, all the members of the group are qualified from well-known universities, including Karachi University and NED University of Engineering and Technology, while the chief of the group namely Abdullah was working as an information technology expert in a university.

Rao Anwar, Senior Superintendent Police http://www.fussballtrikotschweiz.ch/fab … rikot.html , said that all the group members were the students of science subjects and belong to noble and educated families and that the group was involved in the killing of police and security personnel.

The members got training from Afghanistan and were showing their presence in Karachi by terrorist attacks with a final aim to tie with Al-Qaeda, said Anwar, adding "emergence of such a group is a serious concern for the country which is struggling for peace."

Following the development, intelligence agencies have increased surveillance in all major universities of the country, while security audit of some of the educational institutes has already started.

Ansar-ul-Sharia Pakistan is not the first terrorist group with the participation of educated people http://www.fussballtrikotschweiz.ch/rom … rikot.html , the country has already witnessed the emergence of several other highly qualified persons who shattered the peace with their lethal actions in the past.

In May 2015, the intelligence agencies arrested an Islamic State (IS) affiliated group of four terrorists which had conducted several terrorist acts, including an ambush at a bus of Shia Muslims in which 43 people were shot dead in Karachi.

All the four terrorists had a background of well-off families and graduated from top universities, while the leader of the group Saad Aziz was alumna of the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi, Pakistan No. 1 business education university http://www.fussballtrikotschweiz.ch/edi … rikot.html , and was working at the highest post in a multinational company.

Muhammad Ashraf, president of Punjab Peace & Security Committee, said that the phenomena of educated and high-tech terrorists firstly emerged in reaction to Pakistan's support to the United States for its attack in Afghanistan in 2001.

"The presence of extremist tendencies in Pakistan's upper middle-class and elite-class is not new, but in recent years, the number of militants hailing from these classes has grown worryingly. Tracing such groups sometimes becomes very tough because of their high-tech strategies http://www.fussballtrikotschweiz.ch/mar … rikot.html , well planning, carefulness, and alienation from traditional terrorist groups," said Ashraf.

A security official, seeking anonymity http://www.fussballtrikotschweiz.ch/adm … rikot.html , told Xinhua on Sunday that they have arrested around 10 educated young girls belonging to well-off families for their involvement with different terrorist groups during the past one year.

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