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kema cooll
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Dutch defender confirms he’s joining Man City

Manchester Cityhave signed 20-year-old central defender Philippe Sandler  from PEC Zwolle and the Dutchman says he cannot wait to get to grips with Sergio Aguero on the training ground.
sbobet8888 Per the youngster’s new contract, Sandler will remain with Zwolle until the end of the season and team up with the Sky Blues later this summer.
The Holland under-20 international, who came through the Ajax academy, says he watches a lot of City’s games and described the move to Manchester as a “fairy-tale.”
“I heard that scouts from Manchester City were watching me, but you do not expect as a player to go from PEC Zwolle to City,” Sandler told reporters, according to MEN.
“I thought initially that they were keeping tabs on me and did not expect them to approach me or PEC Zwolle during the winter break to transfer to the club.
“City scouts came to Amsterdam for talks, and they showed how they go about their business and I was very impressed with the plans that they have for me.”
Sandler continued: “I am really positive about my impending transfer, it’s like a fairy-tale.
“The best manager in the world, Pep Guardiola, is currently in charge there, and he can teach me a lot, and also the style in which they play football attracts me a lot.
“I watch a lot of football and City are in great form this season, blowing teams away with great football in the Premier League and the Champions League.

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Re: Dutch defender confirms he’s joining Man City

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