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CheckThem helps you in many ways

Start With a Name Search
When you use CheckThem to search people, getting started couldn’t be easier. Unlike some other services, you don’t have to have a long list of personal information on hand before you even start looking up your old friend. After all, if you already knew your friend’s driver’s license number, you probably wouldn’t need to look her up in the first place.
Instead, looking for old friends can be as easy as searching for their names in the CheckThem Names Database. Just scroll through the alphabetical list of letters and find the one that her name starts with. Then browse the database to find the combination of her first and last name.
If you think you might have found a match, click through to learn more. If you clicked on a common name, you could see dozens or even hundreds of potential name matches, along with identifying characteristics like aliases, ages, locations, and relatives’ names. If a location, alias, or relative’s name doesn’t jump out at you to signal that you’ve found a match, try narrowing down your search further and filtering by state.

Look for an Address
Whether you’re searching for a childhood friend or a more recent acquaintance, some people’s addresses just stick in your brain. If you have tons of great memories of spending time at your friend’s house and you can still remember her address like the back of your hand, try looking her up via CheckThem Address Search service.
Just type her address into the search bar and wait for a match to appear. If one does, you can click through to get more information about current and past owners, as well as contact information for your friend.

Try a People Search
Of course, the Names Database and Address Search features aren’t the only ways to find old friends. You can also go straight to the CheckThem people search service and type in her first and last name. If you think you might know where she lives, select a state, too. If you aren’t sure where she lives now or if you want to check a wider radius just in case, simply leave the search open to all states.
Keep in mind that if your friend has a pretty uncommon name, you’ll probably get a short list of search results. If she has a relatively common name, though, you might get an overwhelmingly long list of search results. Either way, don’t sweat it. You can always redo your search or narrow down the results to find the person you’re looking for. The People Search tool will prompt you to enter a middle name, city, or age range to help filter your results even further, making it much easier to find your friend in a long list of potential matches.

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Re: CheckThem helps you in many ways

Of course, this application is very much important. - The Review Solution

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